Today’s RANDOM FIREBALL COMIC… #Comic #Cartoon #Cartooning #Drawing #HotRod


Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… #HaloNightfall Trailer #DrStrange #GameofThrones Bloopers #MadMaxFuryRoad


• Ridley Scott finally brings HALO to the big screen… and it’s gonna be epic.

Joaquin Phoenix may become DR. STRANGE for Marvel… Wait, HE’LL BE PERFECT!!!

THE MAZE RUNNER is getting a sequel called THE SCORCH TRIALS… NOT FAIR! I haven’t seen it yet and I’m still reeeling from Transformers!

GAME OF THRONES gets nutty in this Blooper Reel…

• Set Photos from MAD MAX FURY ROAD reveals… the Dirty.


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One more reason to come to PEBBLE BEACH this August… The McLaren P1 GTR @autofilmfest @McLarenAuto


There’s so many things to do in Pebble Beach for the Concours… and seeing this rendering of the beautiful McLAREN P1 GTR becoming a reality is certainly one of them. I’ll be sure to get shots, but along with the cars comes the AUTOMOTO Film Festival that I’ll be hosting along with THE LITTLE CAR SHOW in Pacific Grove.

If you plan on making it out, then plan on having your jaw dropped along with excessive drooling.


AWESOME #SUPERHERO #ART for a Friday Fulla Freedom… #Warhammer #Superman #TheFett #CaptainAmerica

005-awesome-digital-art-igor-piwowarczyk 008-creative-concept-art-alejandro-mirabal

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DRIVING THE #FUTURE … Today’s Best Designs from @Hot_Wheels @SmartCar #Bikes @Nissan #Elvis #AstonLagonda


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What’s coming to THE FIREBALL PAD (Expanded)… #5MinuteDrive #FireballTim #BigBook @GMC @Cadillac @Hyundai @Kia


A tremendous slew of vehicular contraptions are heading to The Fireball Pad here in Malibu for some fun with my show 5MINUTE DRIVE and more. Just completed filming the other day with my latest guest DAN WOODS from “Chop, Cut, Rebuild” on MAVTV along with the 2014 Hyundai Equus Signature. That episode will be awesome and air this Monday. But what’s coming is cool too…

The 2015 KIA K900, GMC Sierra Denali, Cadillac ELR and FIAT 500e. I’ll be taking the Caddy to Monterey for the film festival and then back to the Bu to try out the Fiat Electric 500 version.

5MINUTE DRIVE on LA56… The deal is in place now with LA56 and we’ll be heading to sponsors with some cool packages to be involved. If all goes well, you’ll see my show on their Network soon.

Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK OF WACKY STATES is coming… It’s being crowdfunded by InkShares which will go on for about two months and then into production. Gonna be so cool for kids!

MUSCLE•KID Kid’s T-Shirts are available now along with the GET COOLNESS Shirts for Adults… Get one so you can rock your socks! Remember, proceeds to Get Coolness go to The National Mill Dog Rescue!

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