DRIVING THE FUTURE… with Shooting Brakes! #shootingbrake #mustang #corvette


What is a Shooting Brake? Well, that would be a 2-door wagon fulla pimpness, thank you very much.

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It’s Wednesday… and that means HOLLYWOOD HEROINES Roll Call! #illustration #art #girls #digital

010-cool-concept-art-david-nakayama 012-cool-concept-art-david-nakayama

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Today… it’s about YOU #inspiration #success #today #thepresent


Ok, stay with me now. I’m gonna pull a brain-tweek on you…

We all want good things in our lives, right? Stuff that makes us feel good. And equally, we all want to avoid the bad things. Now, the clincher is that we don’t realize that we are the actual creators of every aspect of our life. EVERYTHING.

And realizing this is what it means to “awaken.” To “wake up,” “be born again,” “become enlightened” or my favorite… “Pop goes the Weasel.”

So… this being the goal… To wake up and create a perfect life, we have to first believe that we can. Do you? If not… you can stop reading this right now and go back to whatever lame thing you were doing before you started reading this. OR… you can keep reading. You CHOOSE.

So… as I was saying, we all want good things. And here’s the brain tweak part…

To develop anything positive, you need to restrain or “inhibit” its opposing negative. Stop focusing on the negative aspects and it dissolves. No, not instantly in some cases, like you Mother-In-Law, but over time. But some WILL right away. In order to do that, you need to develop and encourage the positive perception of things. All things. Get me? The actual transformation of the positive into the negative… CAUSES THAT POSITIVE TO ACTUALLY HAPPEN. Like Yeast in Dough.

What I’m saying is that your life becomes “what you give your attention to.” Whatever you focus on… EXPANDS. And the cool part is that you get to CHOOSE. Every day… and in every situation. You get to choose!

We take in information based on our 5 senses, then interpret what they mean to us. It’s our “perception.” Ignore the bad things and don’t give them any meaning. Things like people criticizing, being a poo-poo head as my wife calls it. The evil Dr. No’s.

FOCUS on what you want and fill your day with thinking about it. Think about it so much that you give your attention to it as fully as you can. Get INTO THE SPIRIT of it. Stop dwelling on things that hurt you and start thinking about coolness. RIGHT NOW! GIVE COOLNESS, GET COOLNESS.

You can do this. Work it like a muscle. Go to the mental gym. Become a mental Ah-nuld. But don’t expect your bicep to double it’s size after one work-out. Keep going, keep thinking about WHAT YOU WANT. Positive thoughts bring positive conditions. Guaranteed. It’s the “secret” and now it’s out…

Bing. Go get ‘em, tiger…

Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… #NationalTreasure3 #Equalizer OnSet with #JurassicWorld

• The first act of NATIONAL TREASURE 3 script is done… but now they need to work out all the clues and that will take 150 years.
• An EQUALIZER Ad showed up in the NY Times… Wonder if Denzel actually answers?
• On set with JURASSIC WORLD on Kauai… Picking up VelicoPoopter.

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What’s coming to THE FIREBALL PAD? #DodgeRTShaker #BuickLacrosse #Malibu Engine 70 #CadillacEscalade #drive

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.42.13 PM

This is only the beginning folks as Hyundai is on the Fireball warpath with cool cars… but for now, tomorrow brings the 2014 DODGE CHALLENGER RT SHAKER for a 5Minute Drive with my guest Gy Waldron (Creator of Dukes of Hazzard!), then the 2014 BUICK LACROSSE, a ride in MALIBU ENGINE 70′s FIRE TRUCK for another episode followed by the 2015 CADILLAC ESCALADE! Whew! Gonna be awesome…

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.45.29 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.44.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.46.25 PM

Today’s BEST VIDS… for your Do It List. #ShortFilm #ActionMovieKid #AlienIsolation #alien #Bulb #Remnant


Some great stuff today from ACTION MOVIE KID, the new Game Trailer for ALIEN ISOLATION and two SciFi Shorts. Do it.

BULB from Dupont Andy on Vimeo.

REMNANT (Post Apocalyptic Short Film) from Thanos Kermitsis on Vimeo.