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When you realize that ALL success comes from LOVE… you’ll love more.

SKETCH of the Day… 1969 Vette!

In the future, Police will be cool. And you’ll WANT to be stopped by them.


2018 MALIBU CHRISTMAS WOODIE PARADE – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 876 – After a drive in the new Jeep Wrangler, Fireball hits the 15th Annual Malibu Christmas Woodie Parade for… what else? Woodies!

A week in the blistering 467hp 2019 LEXUS GS F…

We’re getting closer. Closer to the day where all sedans become autonomous. And because of that, car makers are looking for reasons to expand and enhance their lines to bridge the gap and give people a reason to buy.

There are tons of sedans out there and many are good. But very few are GREAT. This… is where the 2019 LEXUS GS F comes in…

I had this car for a week and although I could spout specs like everyone else (467hp, 5.0l, 32v, 389ftlbs), I’d rather just concentrate on driving experience and cool factor… k?

This car is a blast to drive. And yes, mostly because it’s powerful. But it’s also a perfect fitting suit that stretches in just the right ways to put a smile on your face. It looks sick, snaps to grid and can pretty much do whatever it’s asked. And… it better at just under a $100K.

But I had fun in this car. It’s not hoyty toyty like some others, not cheap like others still, but perfect porrage hot. Something you could tuck your nasty mother-in-law around in as she berates you… or flip the shit on her and show her who’s boss.

Like I said, fun. It’s got all the bells and whistles you need to justify a $100K car and it performs admirably. So let’s give it a solid 98%Fireball.

But… here’s the 2% rub. In a world that is shifting to conscious-aware products, the dinosaurs will need to either boot up or be dished out. And the 2019 Lexus GS F gets 19mpg. I don’t care how rich you are and whether you don’t care about this or not… it’s a factor and it needs to be addressed. There’s no room for Lexus in the future if they continue on this road. But alas, they’ll smarten up and snap to grid I sure.

Big thanks to them for sending me the car and in Matte Nebula Grey, it got a lot of compliments. Thinking about dying my hair the same color… not. But it looks mighty fine in the beast. Have a righty fine day, folks.

Fireball SKETCH if the Day… ’62 VETTE!!

Today, it’s me spinnin’ around Malibu in a ’62 Vette. And yes, that’s a VlogPowered Twin-Charged V8 with 840 horse. Thus, the winglets. 😉

The VETTE Coloring is available for Christmas on Amazon!! CLICK HERE!

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Fireball sprints to Irwindale Speedway in a new 2018 JEEP WRANGLER to see the best of the 2018 Mooneyes Xmas Party. Spots coolness on an epic scale.

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SKETCH of the Day… Corvette TIME MACHINE!

Sometimes you just gotta think outta the box… outta the norm. It’s 2019… and although the DeLorean was cool in BTTF, if they made another sequel, it would be time to get serious.

So… let the “I”s have it.


Fireball hits Motor4Toys in the Valley, spots cool cars, pooches and… Santa! Featured are Doug and Marissa Campbell of Hillbank Motorsports.

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BIG TOYS & Little Toys… from The Daily Driver Project

December has begun and the Toy Drive Car Shows have started too…

Car people give back a lot. A whole lot.

So when we get to the month of December, it’s all about Toy Drives. Toy Drives are all over SoCal for the whole month and Hot Rodders fill their vehicles (their big toys) to the brim with fantastic toys for kids in need.

This is what I love about being part of the automotive community. They are always giving back. All year long, they give back for many different causes and it’s not always money. And in the case of December… it’s toys. It’s just being able to help out and can be as simple as volunteering your time. Just being able to do what you can do.

The Toy Drives that happen in SoCal range from simple and small to huge. But huge may not even qualify for the size I’m talking about as one car show fills semi truckloads of toys. Just massive amounts of joy for kids that may be getting nothing for the holidays.

So, as December goes on… get out, help out, reach out. Find ways to give back.

And as always, keep that heart big my fellow Hot Rodders.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.

Ride of the Week… Paul Grisanti and his Unicorn AMG MERCEDES WAGON

There are two kinds of people here in the ’Bu.

There are those who move here, check it out for a while and realize that the salt air, beach life and PCH traffic isn’t for them, and then there’s the other kind. You know, the lifers.

Now, the lifers are an interesting bunch. They don’t see the traffic. They don’t notice the salt air and how it permeates everything. All they see is Malibu — an overwhelmingly beautiful and tiny spot on the planet that, if they will allow it, will fill them with the kind of joy and peace that exists nowhere else on the planet. And when your head is in the stars and your feet far below the ground, it’s hard to notice the little irritations of life.

If you don’t know Paul (and Sara) Grisanti, then you have some work to do as a true Malibuite. The reason being that I’m pretty sure Paul has photocopied himself and is in virtually every corner of this town simultaneously.

And, as a result of this, Paul’s understanding of the streets, homes, addresses and current traffic snarls is unsurpassed. As a real estate broker (a la mode), it’s Paul’s job to know virtually every home in this town, and he’s being doing that for the last 40 years as a resident of the ’Bu. (Sorry, Paul, I had to give up the numbers.)

To get around, Paul has chosen a vehicle that scoots this town and its potential buyers into an automotive frenzy. Paul’s ride is a 500-plus horsepower Mercedes-AMG E63 S Shooting Brake Wagon with carbon ceramic brakes. (I only point out the brakes as the car tends to thunder up and distort time. Carbon brakes help to suck you back into this universe.)

The car and its launch capabilities is bone stock and all-wheel-drive. Right out of the box, it’s like the Starship Enterprise already at Warp 10. But let’s hear some more from Paul.

“I bought it through the Mercedes certified pre-owned program last spring when I sold my 2004 Mercedes E500 sedan with 220,000 miles,” he said. “I had been looking for one for about six months that was not black (too menacing), or modified. It came with an unusual interior (most are black or cream colored) and mine was Mystic Red.”

Think Merlot in a $10,000 Baccarat crystal glass.

“This is a unicorn car,” he continues. “It handles like a sports car but has room for clients, family and open house signs. TV screens on the seatbacks provide an entertainment source for grandchildren, too. At the same time, it is discreet enough to blend with traffic and not draw undue attention to itself or the clients within. Car people know what it is immediately and are enthusiastic about seeing it.”

I myself have ridden in this buster and immediately felt that I must respect it.

According to Paul, the best part of owning this car is being able to go to Cars and Coffee events, and seeing the reactions of fellow car guys.

“I use the car for everything short of going to the dump,” he said. “Plenty of room for a foursome and their clubs. With the seats down, my bike fits in the back without taking off the front wheel. When we prepared to evacuate during the fire, I was able to fit the essentials.”

Paul enthusiastically continues, “My clients are not opposed to riding in the car. I love the way the wagon handles on our curvy, mountainous roads without ever feeling tippy or uncertain.”

Further, the brakes are ready to engage when a distracted driver on PCH decides to pull a U-turn from the curb. Yes, people actually do that. In fact, they do a lot worse and it’s important to have a vehicle that can and does respond quickly.

“Despite all the performance of this vehicle, it is still possible to tolerate inching along in a traffic jam on the 405 without losing my temper or having the car misbehave,” Paul continues. “Malibu still has plenty of space between houses and lots of interesting roads in the surrounding hills and mountains. And they will be beautiful again.”

See what I mean? A lifer, Paul is. (Yoda-speak) And as a lifer, he’s seen it all, as I have. As lifers, we realize that our little corner of the planet is unique. And, being unique, it requires a ride that keeps us present in the moment, grateful and open to time travel.

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