This Sunday! #MALIBU starts it’s own Cars & Coffee! @thegentracer @TheSmokingTire @AutoweekUSA @ShadBalch @autoblognews #ExoticCar


This Sunday, October 5th begins the official MALIBU CARS & COFFEE get together. And although I’d love to tell you what’s coming, the truth is that anything is possible in a town where ultimate cars are commonplace. But the best thing to do to get the skinny is hit up the Website, Facebook Page and look for my article in the Malibu Surfside News this Wednesday! Even if you aren’t driving a Bugatti, cool cars are cool cars. We’ll be at Bluffs Park!

Hope to see you there!

Today’s WACKY STATE!! #ARKANSAS @ArkansasOnline @UArkansas @ArkRazorbacks @billclinton @CityLittleRock


Today’s WACKY STATE comes in at #4 on the Alphabet Scale. Check out some of the cool facts about ARKANSAS, not to mention these White Tail Deer know how to DRIVE!!


DRIVING THE FUTURE with @Honda #Batmobile #MonsterTruck #ElCamino @BMWUSAnews #SemiTruck @PorscheCarsNews @PorscheDave09

Honda-Civic-Type-R--Concept30 photos-week-63

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Today’s WACKY STATE!! It’s #ARIZONA @ArizonaDOT @azcentral @ArizonaTourism @ArizonaNewsnet @azfamily @GrandCanyonNPS


Today’s WACKY STATE is one of my favorites as there’s so much to see. It also has one of our clients (THE SUPER BOWL) along with visually stunning vistas. These RingTails are enjoying all that for sure while riding the ultimate CACTUS TRIKE!! Be sure to come back each day as I reveal A NEW WACKY STATE!


DRIVING THE FUTURE with Designs from @_ROUSH_ @OfficialSpyder @Lamborghini #FighterJet #F22 @Ferrari @MBUSA #ConceptCar

Mustang-0 11883538391577539798

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Kathie in WASHINGTON DC… Today and in 1974!! #Washingtondc #TimeFlies #TimeTraveler #LincolnMemorial #1974



So here’s a pict of my wife Kathie at the Lincoln Memorial in Washinton DC after our recent trip (above) and originally in 1974. Imagine if Lincoln looked different in some way. Conspiracy!!!

But alas, he doesn’t. Just Big, White, Wise and with a bit more dust. Pretty wild, though.