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Had enough of the Political Nonsense? Snag this MASSIVE CLASSIC STUNNER and shoot for Ice Cream…

When I’m feeling blue, I head up to our Museum, snag a car and go for a spin. But… since I rarely ever feel blue, or green and purple for that matter, I go anyways and have a blast.

Today’s Automotive Coolness features a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. Because… well, its just cool and we are planning a CADILLAC COLORING BOOK for 2021!

Kinda Classic 1985 FORD LTD WAGON busts out the WIN in today’s crazy WAGON WARS!

Sure, back in the day, this 1985 FORD LTD Wagon was… JUST A WAGON. But now, it has a chance to go down in Coloring Book History. Will it win the entire BATTLE?

Join me on my Facebook Page for the daily skirmishes. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE…

A curious week in the 2020 TOYOTA COROLLA XSE reveals why this car NEEDS to exist…

Very few cars on the planet NEED to exist. I mean, not everyone wants a Panoz, Ferrari, BMW MSeries of Vette. But the Carolla… without it, the world just might ex-implode. And here’s why…

Ok, what they heck is Fireball talking about THIS TIME? Well, I’m glad you asked my fine feliners… ’cause I’ma gonna tell ya…

A week on the 2020 TOYOTA COROLLA XSE has taught me one thing for sure and that is that for those that really have difficulty buying a car, or even choosing one, the Corolla makes it easy.

It’s a car that pretty much appeals to all 8 (or is it 9?) billion inhabitots that dwell on the surface of this tiny marble. Getting around it requires that we have a car for most of us, and buying a car ain’t an easy thing… for some.

With all those choices, couldn’t someone just build a car that appeals to ALL of us… is simple to drive and understand, and doesn’t cost a fortune? Can’t someone make it look pretty nice, but not too nice? Racy, but not obnoxious? Help me carry all my peeps and stuff, but easy to clean because my dog had an “accident?”

Well, again I’m glad you asked because THIS is the 2020 Corolla… at its core. Not an easy thing to achieve for a car company. Imagine, creating a car that pretty much NO ONE hates? Now, that doesn’t mean they LOVE it, but they definitely DON’T HATE IT.

Let’s delve… starting with price. $19K to $28K. The XSE is $25K. Ridiculous as you could plop down $500 and get an easy payment probably. 139hp? Sho nuff. Just enough to pull a Grand Poobah, but not enough to get in trouble with the Fuzz. 29/37mpg is gooood for a non-EV, but ah yes, they have an EV too. Take that, Planet Earth!

Whatever color you choose, when you go to show your friends, they’ll say “Cool, let’s get Ice Cream.” Then they’ll pile in a never give it another thought… and that’s not a bad thing.

The interior… like pretty much EVERY other car, comes in a black version. It’s today’s thing. Black is the new Black and Toyota’s with it. Sure, it would be nice to see a green interior with white piping, but it’s not gonna happen, so shut yer trap and slam down that Plant Based Cashew Ice Cream.

So, what does this leave you with? Well, again I’m shocked that you are consistent with your amazing questions! It leaves you with a car that does EXACTLY what a car is designed to do. Get you from here to there in comfort, style and enough cash left over to chug the rest of your Sasparilla. How cool is that?

1-5 on the Fireball Scale? 5. That is… unless you’re like me and you want to Bitch Slap those Canyon roads into submission with a Boosted Barnstormer of a Vehicular Contraption? In that case, I know someone you can call to turn your Corolla into a CRUSHEROLLA. Lmk.

No Stopping us now… Iconic 1951 MERC drops into the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book for Nov 1st!

Bill Wolf’s classic 1951 Merc is the latest GENE Build that’s dropped into the new Coloring Book coming via Amazon Nov 1st! We’d say… 70 years in the making!

Can you feel the Earth shuddering a bit??

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Insane 1000HP 2022 GMC HUMMER EV revealed… and this Saturday, we’ll see it in the flesh!

This Saturday, Fireball will be doing a FacebookLIVE from inside the all-new nutso 1000hp 2022 GMC HUMMER EV. Will it be as cool as it looks? Well, it’s got a 350+ mile range and over 11,000lbft of Torque! So probably…

Looks pretty snappy here, folks!!

SIGNED & NUMBERED Official TONY DOW Coloring Books now available through The Fireball ETSY Store!!! WooHoo!!!

LIMITED TO ONLY 100!!! (For now)…

The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book is now available SIGNED & NUMBERED by Tony, Lauren & Fireball through the Fireball Store on ETSY here. We’re scribblin’ as fast as possible, but we have more plans for the book and other cool stuff in 2021!!

Also available soon on ETSY… Our Official KUSTOM CAR TRADING CARDS with Tony being the #1 Card!! STAY TOONED!!!

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2021 CADILLAC ESCALADE is 100% Luxury Beast… but will it make it into our Caddy Coloring Book?

Pretty sure that this question can be answered in one word… YES!

Of course for 2021 we’ll be doing a Cadillac Coloring Book, but as you know, they will be Fireball Classics and Kustoms. But if enough of you want an Escalade, it may magically appear. But for now, enjoy this new metal.

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The Holidays are coming… and now we have Colorable Classic CHEVY NOMAD Greeting Cards!

Nothing is better than giving a cool car for the Holidays… although that can get kinda expensive! So… how about one of our Colorable GREETING CARDS from out ETSY Fireball Store?

Snag one, COLOR IT, send it away to your favorite Car Peeps! Don’t forget to sign it as they may think its from someone in Alien Astroville!

Classic GOLDEN SUNRISE makes it into the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book!

A beauty of a Classic, Gene’s 1958 Chrysler GOLDEN SUNRISE can now be a whole host of Colors… starting November 1st!

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