Today’s WACKY STATE! It’s #COLORADO @Colorado @Rockies @milldogrescue @NYMediaWorks @Avalanche #State #Drawing #ChildrensBook


50 States in 50 days, teaching kids the coolness of our country! Today, it’s COLORADO! See the hi-res version on DeviantArt here.


DRIVING THE #FUTURE… Today’s Best #Designs from #MazdaRX9 @Kawasaki @Cadillac #RollsRoyce #Lincoln @CRTWRKS

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 5.00.47 AM CadillacATS_FireballTim

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Incredible #PIXAR THOERY binds all the films together… and will blow your mind


This is a fantastic video that wraps all the films together into one big Pixar Universe. And it makes sense. Check it out… it’s awesome.

Today’s WACKY STATE! Yes, It’s #CALIFORNIA @VisitCA @California @ABC7 #Sunshine #Malibu @Sacramento #Redwood


Today’s STATE is my home state of CALIFORNIA. It’s not uncommon to see Brown Bears tooling up and down Pacific Coast Highway in a cool car, so I just drew it. ;-) Did you know that Fortune Cookies were invented here?? Now you do! (Subscribe to see a new state every day!!)

Get Fireball’s Kid’s Book for you child for Christmas! Chock fulla the Wackiest Rides ever! It’s Wacktacular!!


DRIVING THE FUTURE… Best Designs of Today from @Ford #Mustang #Audi #BMWi8 #JetTaxi #Mercedes #ConceptCar #CarDesign #Rendering

01-2015-Ford-Mustang-Ideation-Design-Sketch-03-720x404 01-2015-Ford-Mustang-Ideation-Design-Sketch-by-Chris-Walter-01-720x423

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Awesomeness coming to the FIREBALL PAD in #October from @Hyundai @Kia #Mitsubishi #Sedan #Sport #Halloween


October is turning out to be a busy month here at THE FIREBALL PAD. Not only do we have some cool cars lined up for upcoming episodes of 5MINUTE DRIVE, we may have a few surprises too.

First off, from HYUNDAI comes the Sonata Sport, Azera & Genesis… also the KIA Cadenza and the MITSUBISHI Outlander Sport. Not in this order, but rest assured, if you’re in the market to get a sedan you’re in the right place to check them out.

Our guests are lining up too with a Special Malibu Peep that has a cool connection to Malibu Celebs (Shooting tomorrow!), Fireball Pop will be back, Ted Moser from Picture Car Warehouse and his Movie Cars, Gabe Clement from MATIX Clothing and a Special Christmas Episode with the ultimate celebrity. Can you guess?

If not, a post is coming later to reveal him… ;-)

2015-Mitsubishi-Outlander-Price me-hyundai-sonata-sport-2.0t-ri3_653 Novo-Hyundai-Azera-2015+(3) Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 5.26.44 AM