ALL NEW BOOK! Mad Concept Cars is 70 pages of Coolness…


My second book for this year is out now on AMAZON. Volume 3 in the Movie Design Series. Big thanks to those that helped with this one and especially my wife, Kathie. I hope you guys enjoy MAD CONCEPT CARS and let it inspire you to do greater work. PEACE!

Featured CONCEPT ART… Chris Foss

I grew up on the incredible work of CHRIS FOSS with his epic use of color and strange forms. It’s no wonder some of his work was used for ALIEN, DUNE and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. In these pieces which are well known, Foss questions time by inserting his ships in all epochs. Enjoy.

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DRIVING THE FUTURE with #Tanks #Semi #HotWheels #Lamborghini #Hyundai


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DRIVING THE FUTURE #BMWX9 @Renault #Acura #Chevrolet

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She asked me to dance, so I busted out my FUTURETECTURE!!!!!


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Fireball MOVIE ART… On Set with MOUSE HUNT

These pieces were done for the film MOUSE HUNT. A quirky story with many cool visual elements. Mixed media.


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