All-New SHARKS Coloring Book Cover REVEALED!!!!!

Not only is our new SHARKS Coloring Book going to be our coolest book yet, this one is filled with a CRAZY SHARK MAZE and tons of SHARK FACTS!!!

Be on the lookout November 1st for these RULERS OF THE SEA!

SKETCH of the Day… The Black Catted CAT-TASTROFEEDER

This is the Black Cat driven CAT-TASTROFEEDER. Today’s Halloween-inspired… and frightening carpet-powered feline froozer. We don’t recommend you race these guys as they don’t take losing well… and will get you back later. But it’s cool to look at, eh? Just don’t stare too long.

Ride of the Week… A DATE WITH CHRISTINE!!

Pretty much everyone on the planet knows of Christine, the 1957 Plymouth Fury who terrorized a small town with her jealous, flaming rage and left havoc in her rearview mirror.

But, I’ll bet you didn’t know that Christine is a very different lady on the weekends? Much more subdued on the jealousy angle than most might think, yet she seems to cause a bit of mayhem wherever she goes.

I got a chance to interview her and take a spin (shotgun of course) and speak with this evil harlet of the silver screen on her likes and dislikes, and what she does around Halloween in the ’Bu. And of course, why she loves Malibu (in a slightly dark, sinister and comical way).

On the outside, while Christine sits still parked at the Country Mart, fans gather and take pictures. But one thing that Christine loves most is that the moment she moves, everyone around her scatters like bugs. Sitting still, she’s an innocent classic, but the moment her tires roll, her movie character comes to life and people really freak. I got to see this first-hand.

“With the slightest roll, I can move everything and everyone out of my way,” Christine said. “It’s a plus when I need to pull out of tight places. People think I’m going to burst into flames and chase them. It’s funny … yet, I might. All depends on how annoying they are. I don’t mind selfies, but don’t sit on my hood or I’ll give you a free ride to the morgue!”

Yeah, that was a little unnerving for a first sit down with Hollywood’s favorite evil car, but I cautiously went with it.

Once on the road up PCH as the sun began to set, I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into. But the interview just kept rolling with some of Christine’s likes.

“I like Tesla and think it’s about time for self-driving cars,” she said. “I’ve been doing this since 1983 and it’s why John Carpenter tapped me for the role in the movie. The tech is there and I’m proof. But I just had to get him over my arrest record. I’ve been towed more times than I can count! But sitting on the side of the road in the dark seems to scare people, and I tend to do it in lots of creepy places. I just like the darkness … and, during Halloween, it gets much, much darker.”

We rolled into Pavilions at Point Dume and as the car wound through the parking lot, we got a combination of smiles accompanied by moms grabbing their children and running.

“If I pass someone in a parking lot and then suddenly stop, they scatter like I’m gonna back up and eat them with my trunk,” Christine said. “I might!! But I have to shop also and don’t need a bunch of people trapped in my trunk while I do it. What kind of sense would that make!”

Yeah, I wasn’t really sure how to respond to that, so I just smiled and prayed that I’d make it back home and not end up as a real Fireball. But Christine’s dislikes were far more interesting.

“I don’t like passengers that leave trash on my dashboard or eat in my seats,” she said. “They do that … and I’ll turn them into a charred McNugget, and have. You won’t be seeing them any time soon, except maybe during Halloween as a ghost or goblin,” she said, with a smirk on her polished chrome bumper.

Pretty sure she was kidding. I think.

“I don’t like drivers on PCH who pull U-turns on the bridge, make left turns in the middle of the highway with their butts sticking out or speeders,” she continued. “If I catch you, I won’t be giving you a ticket, but a one-way trip to St. Peter without your car.”

Carpenter will attest to that, as some of his crew would randomly disappear during the shoot.

“I have no recollection of that,” said Christine. “Maybe they just didn’t like working with a star like me. I can be a bit of a bear in my trailer when I haven’t had enough oil.”

On Malibu, Christine’s favorite spots are corner lots in the dark, long driveways of random people’s houses and overgrown backyards.

My time with Christine revealed a lot of things. Mainly, I saw my life flash before my eyes and thanked God I got back. But, also, she revealed to me her inner charm and evil, funny humor regarding everything from Starbucks to zombies. She’s a Zombie Uberist on weekends and likes the fact that they don’t talk much, but tend to leave a few parts behind in the backseat. Not like she can do anything about it, as they are already dead. She’s building up a collection though.

This Halloween, Christine will be cruising up and down PCH, doing her best to scare as many people as possible. Her record is 2,100 and she plans on beating that to a pulp. For some reason, I believe her … and will be on high alert.

Thanks Christine for taking the time to cruise with Fireball! I’m very grateful not to have become a McNugget. And I won’t be pulling any U-turns anytime soon!

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Are you old enough to remember THE CRAWLING EYE? Well, this was the movie that scared the bejeeezus out of Kathie as a child. And now, it’s been immortalized in our Coloring Book GHOUL’S GARAGE!!! Only this time, instead of crawling… it’s DRIVING!!

Hey, an eye’s gotta do what and eye’s gotta do. Grab the book here on Amazon!!

SKETCH of the Day!! XENOROCKET XR222!!

Ok, so you saw all the ALIEN Movies right? But you NEVER saw how our buddy XENO here actually gets around to do his chomping business…. soooooooooooo

BEHOLD! Ghoul’s Garage has revealed his XENOROCKET XR222! Sure, it’s grown out of an egg, but it’s FAAAAST and can hit virtaually any alien terrain with ease.

Boom, done.



AUTOMOTIVE ARTIST GEOFF OMBAO – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 849 – A Kitchen Sink Vlog takes Fireball to Pacific Palisades to meet buddy and Automotive Artist Geoff Ombao. Plus, Mel’s Drive-In and the Santa Monica Bay Aquarium!

See Geoff’s amazing work here!

Fireball announces release of CORVETTE COLORING BOOK December 1st!!!

It’s official! On the heels of our new SHARKS Coloring Book coming November 1st, we’re launching our CORVETTES Coloring Book just in time for Christmas! Woo Hoo!

It’ll be 20 pages of Vette Goodness throughout history, and as you know since Fireball has designed over 400 vehicles for movies and TV, there will be some seriously wild Vettes in this book! Kid’s are gonna go HOGWILD!!!

Be sure to download the Catalog which includes MUSTNAGS, VINTAGE TRAILERS and a heap of Sealife Books… but that pales in comparison to our 2019 Slate. You’ll see WOODIES, SURF, HOT RODS, CHALLENGERS, CLASSICS, VINTAGE and MORE! Like I said… HOGWILD!!

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This piece was done for our new CITY OF MALIBU Coloring Book coming soon! Sure, it’s not a car, but the Chumash People were in Mlaibu long before cars… so you gotta give ’em some props!

GIVING BACK… from The Daily Driver Project

One of the things I love about the car industry and many of the car shows in Southern California is that they love to GIVE BACK.

They gather toys… a lot of toys, for Christmas.

They also donate money to tons of charities linked to their respective shows. Veterans, Cancer Research, Animals. They are all covered and it’s fantastic.

Even the individual car lover gives back in their own way.

On Saturday, I headed over to a very cool little car show in Anaheim called Patriots and Paws. The organization raises money to help Veterans in 2 ways…

(1) They help them with household items such as furniture, kitchen items and appliances. (2) They also get them therapy pets. Both of these things are a great way to help them out and to combine it into one organization. And it’s fantastic.

Find those charities that mean something to you. Get involved in whatever capacity you can. Money, your time, whatever you can do to help out.

Whatever the way you can give back… THANK YOU and keep it up. Any and all help with any cause is always a beautiful thing.

**PATRIOTS AND PAWS is now listed on our Show Page.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.