Design Details for BACK TO TH FUTURE 2 UNCOVERED!!!!

Great work from my friend Andy Probert and Tim Flattery here. These sketches have been buried for a long time. Below, you can see the buck of the Police Car sitting in the desert at Gene Winfield’s shop. Still there…

NEW!!!!! UNDERSEA ADVENTURE Coloring Book hits Monday on Amazon…

In just two days or so, our newest Coloring Book UNDERSEA ADVENTURE will hit stores, Amazon and Scuba Shops.20 Pages of Undersea Wonders to spraad your love of the ocean with kids everywhere!

Which one wins in today’s TOP TEN MAD CAR CONCEPTS?

What is this AVENGERS Behind the Scenes Movie Car Build?

Done for AVENGERS and THOR, these Acuras and Hummer wagons were built for S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect and to serve. They… got blown to smithereens.

This is the 592hp 2019 FERRARI PORTOFINO…


Holy cow, we’re on a roll peeeeeple!! We couldn’t wait for the VINTAGE TRAILER or RAT ROD Books to come out in August… so we busted out


Coming Monday to Amazon… Let your WunderSea Exploration BEGIN!

AUSTIN POWERS CARS… Behind the Scenes…

I took these shots while working on the AUSTIN POWERS threquels. Cars were coming in and out pretty steadily at the time. A fun project that involved mostly paint, but some custom work. Nothing like seeing someone’s face as you pimp down the street in this purple caddy.

Threquel HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 is a surprising Hero reversal Monster Romp…

So I have to be honest with two things. Number one… I did not see HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 1 or 2. And Number two… I really expected to not like HT3. But after more than two hours with about 100 kids in the theater, not only was I surprised by the third film, it made me want to watch the first two.

Wow, that’s a lot of numbers. Sorry about that, Chief.

The bottom line is that films like these (especially what would normally be a straight to VOD threquel) are not high on my list of Fireball goodness. But let’s get into why HT3 had a the goods despite my monster sized hoh-hum beginner’s attitude.

With movies that cater to kids like this, what is generally expected are silly fart jokes and corny humor. Well, there WAS that. There’s over-the-top situations there only because a slam in the face with a concrete block is always better than a pinch to the cheek. Check, there was that too.

But what sets HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3/ SUMMER VACATION apart from other threquels is the inventiveness and overall message.

Firstly, it’s inventive as the Monsters go on a Vacation Cruise… and where they are normally accused of biting, sucking blood and causing mayhem, they just want to have fun in their own way. Case in point, the Wolf Man and Wolf Woman playing catch with each other in the surf. Two dogs chasing balls, in JOY. Hysterical.

The Blob… barfs due to sea sickness and the barf turns into a BABY blob. Inventive. And the cup-de-gras, the bad guys… are us. Well, a misunderstanding Van Helsing, really.

But the message is clear from the stand point that regardless of race, creed or color… green, blue or purple blood is acceptable. People (and Monsters) just want to live their lives and have fun. Sure, there are those that cause problems and there are consequences. But for the most part, the Earth is round and we’re all on it. No one is better than anyone else, regardless of color and the only thing to avoid is FEAR. So just do your thing and try to put some joy into your life… fearlessly.

Oh, and one other thing. The whole film takes place at night, so when the Monsters go on Vaca, they have to bring plenty of Moonscreen so as not to get burnt. Inventive.

Should you go see this film? Well, if there’s a kid in your life… YES. But if there isn’t? Then maybe you should go see it anyway and get the message. Just let everyone be who they are and stop judging. If every day were treated like a vacation cruise and your were grateful for it… maybe the world might inch more towards being a better place.

That’s my plan anyway. Have a good weekend, folks.

Fireball’s BIG BOOK of Wacky States… D.C. POTUS POWER!

Is this the new 2020 LOTUS ESPRIT??

It is according to Pol Santos’ rendering here. I’d be hard-pressed to disagree. What do YOU think?