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Fireball niece ALEXA snags LA PARENT Magazine Cover… @LAParentMag #LAParent #Kid #FireballAlexa

Pretty excited about my niece ALEXA getting the cover of this month’s LA PARENT. I had nothing to do with this one as a local photographer thought that Alexa might make a good cover and just submitted it. There were over 3000 submissions into what was called SHOOTING STARS 2014 and lil’ Alexa killed it. The mag is on stands now, so pick up a copy or hit their site here.


Incredible INTERSTELLAR 3rd Trailer from Christopher Nolan is one of the best ever… #interstellar


If you want to see the trailer on the official Interstellar website, you’ll need the access code. Enter 7201969 – the landing date of Apollo 11 on the moon.

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3 First Trailer is pretty frikkin’ wacko… #BenStiller #NightattheMuseum3


Awesome SciFi Short THE TRAIL’S END neeeeds to become a feature badly…


On the final day of his life, an android has an unexpected encounter that alters the course of his existence. THE TRAIL’S END is a short film written and directed by David Rosenbaum that explores a re-telling of a classic; Bonnie and Clyde…or rather the prologue. It highlights the moment that the two meet and how their journey together begins. Sometimes the end, is just the beginning.

The Trail’s End FULL FILM from David Rosenbaum on Vimeo.

5MINUTE DRIVE comes to Vimeo… @Vimeo #Episodes #5MinuteDrive #FireballTim #TalkShow


If you’re one of those who like watching videos on VIMEO instead of Youtube, then Bob’s Your Uncle. That means that 5MINUTE DRIVE starting today will be airing there, too. Episode 1 is here and there’ll be a new one every day until it’s caught up to Episode 32 where we are now. Shweet!

Here’s the actual channel, but check out the episode below.