…The beginning of trouble. 1973...And, with that said, welcome to the new and improved FIREBALL TIM BLOG. A VAST improvement on the old boneheaded blog, “thanks” to superwebmaster DON BURNSIDE. Yea, you know Don. Mr. White Roof Radio himself. An extremely hard worker in “getting it right, or die tryin.”

And soon to come, the rest of my new site with all kindsa new doodads. Cars, Movies, Toys, Candy… (Not necessarily in that order…) and all the things I consider of the utmost importance. So say “sup” when you stop by and scream “I love cars and chocolate!!”

This will be the place to get a behind the scenes look at Fireballing. From Movie and Show cars, to my wife kickin’ my butt in Karate. More of the cars, I hope… BUT, if I were to choose who best to hang my bag o’ bones in the rafters, that would be Kathie. (She’s training with World Famous Martial Artist, Billy Blanks.) Yea, I know, I’m dead…

So stay tuned daily for absolutely ridiculous behavior… AND LET’S GET ON WITH IT!!

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