NEO donated to the John Wayne Auction

Popped outta bed at 5:30am. Off to the shop to grab the FIREBALLED! NEO with my Events Director, Andy Limon. Delivered it to the Beverly Hills Hilton for the John Wayne Cancer Benefit tonight. Some lucky shmo is WINNING THAT CAR TONIGHT!! And I’ll be on the horn tomorrow to let them know who won it. I’ll be filming CarTV as Jamie Lee Curtis yanks the ticket tonight and screams the name. …Okay, maybe she won’t scream it, but the new owner will! And since ALL proceeds go to the JWCI, they can feel pretty darn good.

Made my way back home by 7:30. Convinced I was going to go back to bed, … but no. Instead, it’s into the editing bay for the NAM DRAGON movie. Yea, the guys at NAM wanted me to say hi to the Mini owners attending the Dragon this year. And since I can’t be there, I’ll be there in spirit,… and on vid.

I’ll be at the Hilton ’til midnight, so don’t expect me to get on the horn and expose the winner ’til tomorrow… But, Congratulations! (Yea, you know who you are…)

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