One heckava weekend…


You know, success comes from energy, among other things. But energy is movement. And I pride myself on always moving. Now, does this mean I’m successful? In some ways, fer sure, in others, I’m in progress. But this past week and weekend was nothing, if not energetic. Cars, planes, Karate… yes, Karate. As in my wife Kathie smackin’ it up in a whole new style. It wasn’t enough to train with Billy Blanks and get her red belt, she’s gotta start all over in a new style to get the goods from Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak.

So, it was off to the airshow with Andy to see jets a dartin,’ classic cars parked at the Malibu Starbucks for a six shot, the JoyRide Rally yesterday with exotics (The only shot I took was of the Minis pulling in at 7am, doh!) and what else? Oh yea, to Kathie’s first test with Ho Sik Pak. My Dad came along for the fun, (so MY butt wasn’t the only thing that Kathie punted!)

Oh, and the Fireballed! crew is off to Hawaii to build SUPERMINIS. Now, Oahu will have three of the “World’s Fastest.” Finally, quiet in the shop…


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