Get in, hit the gas, and go… anywhere.

Coachn’ the Fireball…Yea, so the adventure continues. And as my life unfolds before me, I find myself (in my MINI) traveling I know not where. This weekend, Kathie and I headed to San Diego to meet with our new LifeCoach. Yes, I said LifeCoach. And since none of us want to go on this ride alone, having a guided tour is a great idea. So,… off we went to OneCoach. As in, smack the link to the right to see what it’s all about. It’s with gratitude and appreciation that I accept this expert’s advice. I humbly step into the unknown…

The gent in the center is John Assaraf. The dood. The man. The,… well, our LifeCoach. And,… as an LC (I’m NOT going to keep writing that out!), he and his team of success misfits are going to help us pave the way to success. On ALL fronts. I’m proud of this and look forward to having my butt kicked into the stratosphere. Don’t be shy John, LET ‘ER RIP!!

And, as our excursion finished up in San Diego, we headed back north, hitting “Cozy Mels” in Torrance for a bit of South of the Border Guacamole. Goooood.

What’s next? Writing, Designing, Traveling, Successing… (Not sure that’s a word, but I like it.) And if you want to be successful, too, then stop thinking you can do it all, and get some help. There’s only one Superman and we ain’t him, so for the rest of us Abby Normals, get your Mastermind together and start the ball rollin.’

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