Put, put, pooped…

The MACH 3. Photo Peter LinneyA few days ago, my car THE MACH 3, was closing rapidly to 100,000 miles. Man, has that gone fast. And I was so proud that it was still running strong. Even the clutch was still original. Granted, I’ve done a lot of mods to it, but it’s always been the last on the list at FIREBALLED! compared to the M600 or the MEGAmini or WIDOW. On the backburner ’cause I’m always driving. Everywhere!

Now, as a MINI, you can always expect good things. And even with this weekend’s kaput… uh,                …Wait a sec. I neglected to mention what happened! I never mentioned that as I was driving through Topanga Canyon, I started to hear something very strange. I never mentioned that as I picked up my Dad to head to the Mini Maniacs Breakfast at Coogies in Malibu, it started to sound even WORSE. I never mentioned that by the time I got there, the clickety clack went to thumpedy thump. Well,… it did. And now, …I have a dead MINI.

So, it is with great excitement that I say that THE MACH 3 is down. …Huh? Excited? …OF COURSE, YOU!! And no matter how long it takes. And no matter much money I’ll have to invest, the MACH 3 will reappear bigger, badder and better than ever before.

Events like this makes me think about my responses. And responses become my outcome, solidifying my experience. But, it is my response that is of utmost importance. Because how I look at things determines my experience. So, that means I have a choice. Life has options, always. So, in any given situation where my tendancy is to focus on the negative, I have to force myself to see what is positive. Because being positive moves me forward. And the only way to move forward is to accept responsibility for EVERYTHING that has happened to me in my life. And, I must admit, I have to take responsibility for not taking better care of my car.

So, …I am grateful for my car breaking down.

Now, time to get my hands dirty…

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