Yea, even THEY have to ship boxes…

pamela-anderson.jpgSo, there I was, minding my own business. Mail Boxes Etc. 4pm. Crowded. I mean 20 cows in a 2 foot pasture crowded. And,… there she was. A vision. A vision of,… well, let’s just say she was a vision of someone trying to send a package, two kids in baseball uniforms, hair tazer zapped…. yes, it was Pamela Anderson. Doing normal stuff that normal people do. Yes, she may be a bombshell, smart as a whip, and one hell of a businesswoman, but she’s… normal. Like all of us.

Okay, she makes bank, that’s true. But she should. She does what she does well, and passionately. Made me think as she handed the Mail Boxes Dood her credit card. “Bet that card’s got bank,” I thought.

Point being? No matter how much dough you have, you still have to wait in line like the rest of us. …And be normal. Unless you’re Paris Hilton. She’s Abnormal. Or an alien….

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