Mach 3 tinkertime Part1…

img_4410.JPGimg_4411.JPGSo, there I was. Ripping the Mach3 apart, guided by the genius of Hubie and Brian. Bottom line, the more you know, the more you realize you don’t. Originally, my intention was to mod the Mach3 into the stratosphere, but instead, the major mods will now include… bolts. As in, lotsa missing bolts. As in, bolts, nuts, and several other doodads that seem to be missing and appearing. So far, here’s the tally…

-Transmission Mount Bolt. (Check the cool photo) Seems this bolt didn’t like staying put and decided to do “the shimmie.” If you have an ’02,  I’d double check it.

-Axle Couplet has three bolts. Uh, did I say three… I meant to say only one. As in, that’s all there was. Feels like a Coo Day “Bolt” Ta. (I can’t spell French thingies) Although I can spell chocolat!

-One really big phillips screwdriver. Orange handle. Just hanging around near the header. Don’t remember ever owning an orange handled screwdriver…. But cool, now I have one!

-A second Header Gasket, just incase the attached gasket fell off for some reason, I woudn’t have to go to the store for another. This one was jammed between the header and the heat shield. I won’t mention who installed the header so many years ago… but you get the spanky.

-A strange fur type substance, crammed between a round metal thingie and a belt pullied thingie. Not sure what THAT was, but it didn’t smell too good. I’m thinking something in the Gerbil/Mole species. Dee…licious!!

So, we move forward into uncharted 100,000 mile territory. What else will we find in the coming days? It’s a secret to be revealed very soon…

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