Mach 3 tinkertime Part2… The Culprit.

img_4413.JPGIn search of the dastardly deeder, the nemesis.. sis, the evil doodoer. Ah yes. And after rips and tears, pulls and twists, the culprit has revealed himself. It’s, it’s……

…the bearing.  The Mach3 has been taken out by a tiny round, uh, (half round) piece a metal. Not much bigger than a stick of gum, were you to lay it flat. But nevertheless, that one tiny ouncy piece took out a billion horsepower super machine galor!! Ok, I’m stretchn’ it a bit, but kinda sucks, eh?


Spent the day designing a new MINI. Can’t say what it is, cause THAT would be the death of me by my partners in crime. But rest assured, it’s a mean, lean, horsepower machine. Well, …kinda. It IS a machine, though. And it IS a MINI. And it IS a new MINI with MiniUSA.                              …Wups. Ignore that last part. Uh, …gotta go!

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