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Success. Not a term to be taken lightly. Case in point, we had an extraordinary FOCUS GROUP at the shop over the weekend. Great minds, thinking alike to achieve something cool. And we did. (Special thanks to everyone who came.)

Case in point 2. Woke up Saturday morning early to get my wife Kathie to her first Martial Arts Tournament. Now, having done hundreds of these in the past 30 years, I didn’t consider it a big deal. But, …it was. It was ’cause it was Kathie’s first. And her nerves were dancing like fleas on a newborn shrew.

Lake View Terrace, CA. 7am. And about 150 participants. Now, for those of you who have never done this, it was a small tourney. Big ones are like the one coming in August. The BATTLE OF L.A. Hosted by GrandMaster Ho Sik Pak. But, since this was Kathie’s first, she was very excited.

And her specialty? Kata. Forms. Like a dance, only done to kick someone’s butt. 4 Competitors. All men. The air was like uncooked pea soup.

And after some hardcore visualization and focus, Kathie performed her Kata (Pyng Ahn Cho Dahn) nearly flawlessly and scored 2ND PLACE. A truly awesome achievement.

For some, 2nd place would mean that they didn’t get first. But, knowing my wife the way I do, she overcame that thought with the idea that just getting out there and performing made her a winner. She DIDN’T GIVE UP.

And that, my friends, is the message for all of us. Great things are achieved by those that stick to it and don’t take “no” for an answer. Certainly inspired me…

So, post a congratulations here if you desire. Let her know that you aren’t giving up also. That you’re gonna stick it out and make whatever you want come true. And together we can all achieve something great…

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