Life gettin’ to ya…


Yea, it does. Sometimes life just plain seeps under your skin and wrecks the day. But it’s in the afterthought where realizations occur. To be grateful that it didn’t get worse. Hubie and I changing the starter on the Mach 3, finished after several hours only to see a puddle of antifreeze pooled below us. What does the starter have to do with antifreeze? Only then you realize that shifting the header has caused a ruckus. Engine bites appearing all over my hands, a warm reminder that it could be worse. So,… I’ll give thanks to what I SHOULD be thankful for.

Hubie’s expertise and patience.  Brian coming to Malibu to pick up the car. And,… a chance to learn, ……..again.

We all have challenges. And since the only constant in this world is change, challenge never cease. And that’s good ’cause if there were no challenges, life would be pretty darn boring. And THAT, is MY four letter word.

My dog is snoring…Time to join him.

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