A family that stays together…

img_4568.JPGimg_4572.JPG…Makes MOVIES together!

So, spent the day hangin’ on the lot at Universal. My brother Ethan, is a Writer/Producer on the show EUREKA. You know, the Sci-Fi Channel show where everyone’s a genius. OBVIOUSLY, not a show you’d find ME on. But since he’s an excellent writer, he can make nearly anyone smart. Series Premiere is Tuesday at 9pm on SciFi. But, check you local listings.

We perused the backlot, looking for treasures, and lo and behold, we stumbled upon the set for NATIONAL TREASURE 2. Yes, the sequel. And as Mayan sets go, this was way cool. So, risking life and limb, we took a couple of shots. EXCLUSIVE!
My Dad came along for the ride as well… The last time he was on Stage 12, he was filming a TV Movie called STRANDED. The whole place was an island, to which Ethan and I foraged for hours. If you don’t know my Dad, check this out…


Not even funny how many things he’s written. Oh, and btw, Ethan’s got a new movie coming out next year. ASYLUM. Lotsa dead people. Don’t ask, …he’s got issues….



Cool stuff on imdb.com. Yea, it’s been fireballed, too. ACTION!!

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