getmeonaminiposter.jpgIT’S OFFICIAL!!  And THIS is going to be a blast!!

This summer, Fireballed! Racing and the 2007 MINI will be competing on the hit TV Show “STREET TUNER CHALLENGE” (STC) on SPEED CHANNEL (Fox) airing in October. And there’s fantastic opportunity for all MINI owners to get involved! You can have YOUR PHOTO or YOUR COMPANY LOGO on a piece of MINI RACING HISTORY! LITERALLY!! And this offer is exclusive to the first 5000 we receive!!

Here’s how it works…

Fireballed! Racing will be competing in design, build and racing with the “MINI USA FIREBALLED PURSUIT CAR” over 3 months, starting July 26th. Now, we can’t reveal what the car looks like since our competition is watching, but all you need to know is that it will be the most insane MINI on the planet!!

The STC MINI will have a “DESIGN PHOTO-BAND” incorporated as part of the car, designed by Fireball Tim and encompassing all those that support the efforts of the FIREBALLED! TEAM RACERS and its mission of “Keeping Racing on The Track™”

What’s more, Fireballed and YOU will be directly supporting our nation’s FIRST RESPONDERS through this unique and revolutionary program. Our country’s LAW ENFORCERS are often called upon to save lives through their first response and doing a job that few of us would be able to handle. This car will celebrate and acknowledge their great efforts in times of crisis plus 10% of our proceeds will go to a soon to be named CHARITY.

Since the show airs in October and the car Premieres at SEMA, we are offering all our supporters a special opportunity to see virtually every step as we build this revolutionary R56 ride for the show through a “Behind the Scenes DVD” available only to YOU as Fireballed Team Racers. A series of prequels to the show will be streamed exclusively on the all-new MYRIDE.COM, Fireball Tim’s Personal Blog and the Fireballed! Websites. The build will then be featured in all 13 episodes over 3 months 4 times a week, reaching FOX and SPEED CHANNEL’S 75 million households as well as an international audience in Europe, Japan, Asia and Australia totaling 675 million viewers!! OUR success will be YOUR success!

And you’ll also receive the following!!

YOUR NAME on the Walls of the FIREBALLED! STUDIO SHOP where STC will be filming, sporting the OFFICIAL STC BANNER, a special section on FIREBALLED.COM with your photo or logo of your company (maybe a photo of your pet FISH?) AND you’ll receive a Fireballed Team Racer Certificate of Participation (Tax Deductible Donation). Also, you’ll get a Limited Edition Poster and the DVD BEHIND THE SCENES.  All for just $30.00!!!!

Now, you may be asking yourself, why would I want to support a silly little Race Car on Television? Well, here’s why…

•    Support your MINI Lifestyle- Be a part of the voting and influence the judges for your MINI to win on Street Tuner Challenge. Strength comes in numbers. And as a unique community of drivers who are extremely passionate about experiencing life through carving your MINI on weekends, winning STC will be a group effort. With the power of the community behind us, THE SECRET will be at work creating abundance in horsepower, design and commitment. We are humbly ASKING for your support and BELIEVE that with that support we will RECEIVE all good things. And that leads us to…

•    Support Safe Driving- As mentioned, we will support a to be named CHARITY with 10% of all proceeds and of course, celebrate our nation’s FIRST RESPONDERS. We can race all day, win all day, and shout from the hills all day, but none of that means anything if we can’t give back to the community that placed us here. MADD educates us all about the importance of “KEEPING RACING ON THE TRACK™” and what can happen if you don’t. And this gesture ensures that we are doing this for the right reasons. The ONLY way to do ANYTHING is to help others in the process. A portion of your support is a tax-deductible donation.

•    You’ll Be a part of MINI History-  The MINI PERSONAL EXPERIENCE:  You’ll have your photo on a piece of MINI RACING HISTORY. After STC airs in October, the Fireballed Racing MINIUSA PURSUIT MINI anticipates traveling the world from SEMA to major Auto Shows, articles in EUROTUNER and many others. This MONSTER MINI will secure a place in the annals of MINI History and Heritage. And YOUR PHOTO will be on it and seen by millions!

•    GIVE BACK- You’ll also be associated with something positive. A step in the right direction for the Automotive Lifestyle, embracing the sport of racing, securing that FIREBALLED! RACING’S mission will always be a Community Brand and therefore, YOUR BRAND. And we want you to know that this is YOUR CAR.

Here’s how!

GET ON BOARD AT or send a check to Fireballed! at 18900 Hawthorne Blvd Torrance, California 90405 (Write STCMINI on your Check!)


SCANNED PHOTO!! Please keep in mind that the photo will be 1” square. (So if it’s a shot of the whole family, everyone will have a tiny head! Best to do CLOSE UPS) The photo should be NO MORE THAN 1MB IN SIZE. Please email it to with your NAME.


Disclaimers:  Fireballed Racing has no control over the airing of Street Tuner Challenge.  Information is compiled from public released sources. The MINI PURSUIT Street Tuner Challenge Car will be shown at major events throughout the USA, bearing the Support Ribbon(s) on the vehicle and Promotional banners.  Please check with your accountant for Tax Deductible applications.

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