Just wrapped WEEK 1 filming on STC. Midnight at The Queen Mary. So far, things are way cool and right smack on schedule. The Producers, Ms. Megan and Dan have been showing the cars in all their glory.

We started the week on MINI 1, ripping it apart in 4 hours flat. Gutted, pulled, expoonged (Is that a word? …It is now.)  Hard to see a brand spankin’ new 07 MINI being separated, but what’s coming is OUTTA CONTROL!

Sponsors so far are MINIUSA, BREMBO, HJC HELMETS, MILLUSIONS, KONIG WHEELS, BF GOODRICH, MEGUIARS and more. I’ll go into their involvement later, but these guys are excited as all heck! (Especially when they saw what the car’s going to look like. Did I show you? NOT!) As much as I want to reveal our new SUPERMINI, fans will have to wait ’til the show airs.

We took the Stock MINI down to the Queen Mary to shoot the opening sequence. Driving along the streets of Long Beach was cool, filming out of the back of the Camera Car. Although, several cops didn’t necessarily like my stunt driving….

The Crew is awesome and the show will rock. Everything has gone like clockwork, minus a couple of interesting challenges, like the sprinklers going off right in the middle of the camera equipment.

WEEK 2 brings new installs. Stay tooned for Friday’s entry, but tons of stuff in between then and now. WHY WAS THERE A 6000LB CAR IN OUR SHOP!!! No, it’s not what you think…

Cool last photo though, eh?

Photos: Chris Hall and Crew for new Coolness Coming…

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