Week 2 at Fireballed has been slicker than… well, let’s just say that things went perfectly smooooth. Brakes from BREMBO cascaded in from Brake Heaven and wheels from KONIG dropped from the sky above (Well, at least from near Chino, CA.).

Our painter Carlos (Armar BodyWorks) revealed himself to be up to the task of painting the…. wups, I almost said it. Naw, you didn’t think it was going to be THAT easy, did you? And our Chief Engineer, Andy Limon, spun his socket like there was no tomorrow in the installation. (Did I just say that out loud?) Plus, we fitted some ridiculously HUNKIN’ MEGAWIDE body components and removed another 50lbs of MINI doodads. And yes, we kept the cup holders.

We’re discussing putting in two engines equalling over 1000hp. Hmmm…. And we have to do that anyway, ’cause we’re adding 1000lbs of SONY equipment. 12 Amps, 4 head Units, 3 SUBWOOFERS, Oh, and an extra cup holder for the second engine mechanic. He gets cranky without his Starbucks…

Other mods are…

…32 Sony Screens, DVS Shoe Shine Pedal Kit, Turbo big enough to suck in a pregnant Seagull, 4 Interlocking Sway Bars, 3 Garmin GPS’s so we don’t miss ANY Starbucks, 2 extra dead pedals and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. (What the heck is a Partridge anyway?) Um, that’s about it for now…

Oh, one more thing. Shame on you for thinking I’d reveal ANYTHING, …..Charles. Yes, shame on you, Team EVO. Bad EVO, bad…. Go lay down. No treat.

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