The Journey. Not something to cast aside as small, insignificant nor inconsequential. But a view of one’s life from a broad perspective with the understanding that with each moment, you have an exciting new possibility.

I’ve spent the better part of 35 years in the world of Martial Arts. Training, teaching and doing my best to be a part of a spiritual community that embodies love and support. Origianlly with Grandmaster Chuck Norris to Master Dae Kyu Jang. But in all that time, there are very few moment of true pride and a sense of having really made a difference.

My good friend, Ted Silverberg, who tested for his Black Belt in Tang Soo Do this past weekend. I was one of the fortunate and grateful instructors to have participated in seeing him through this process. His Journey. One that has been very long and difficult, both physically and and emotionally. For those of you who have never had this experience, it’s not something that can be summed up in a few paragraphs, just short of saying that it’s an awakening. And Ted shined ever so brightly.

Much like my life in the MINI world, the Journey is our focus. Not the small doings every day that create seemingly unsurmountable barriers, but the broad life strokes where one can say, “I did that.” Moments to be proud that you have a place on this planet.

To say that I am proud of Ted and his commitment would far underplay his journey. But I am in awe that I was there to experience it. 4 hours of grueling test materials, fighting, grappling, emotional and mental exhaustion. But with gratitude, I thank Master Dino Haynes of Warrior’s Heart Karate (Mixed Martial Arts in Agoura/Calabasas) for asking me to be on the board. A board that consisted of two 9th Degree GRANDMASTERS. Mr. Natividad and Mr. Kleeman. World renowned icons. And although my journey has been very long as well, it still has so much farther to go… and so many broad strokes to complete.

Congratulations to all. Ted, Wayne, Mary, Nicole and Megan. Now your New Journey begins.

Oh, and if you want cool suppliments, Ted’s company is Yea, shameless, but we can all use a plug every now and then…

Time for some coffee, and back to work on the MOST INSANE MINI EVER!!

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