Stracco gets FIREBALLED!

stracco.jpgThere we were, minding our own business when,… THWACK!

I get a call from MINI USA Product Manager, Jeff Stracco. “Hey Fireball, I’m in town and wanna come by. NOW!”

Ok. No problem. Hide the MEGA-NITROUS bottles, stow away  the Stracco Muscle Suit that we play with and put out the Stracco Action Figures with Arm Pounding Action. 45 minutes later, Stracco is sitting in the Studio Shop.

Inside scoops from MINI? Of course, but for Fireballed Eyes Only. I can say that MINI is planning a MINI SEMI. …Not. And I’m not supposed to mention that MTTS 2010 will be from London to the Antarctic. Yee, I’m so there…

So, sittin’ around with the great Stracco begged the question… What would happen if we put a MINI USA Executive into a 514whp Fireballed Street MINI? Well,…
WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!

In Jeff’s words… “That was fun.”

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