Special thanks to BREMBO, H&R, KONIG, CRAVENSPEED, MEGUIARS, ARMAR, WHALEN SHIFT MACHIINES, HJC and INVIDIA. Everyone wants to be on “THE WORLD’S FASTEST TV MINI!!” (Don’t forget that you can too, at Ok, so it’s still in peices, but it’s gonna be speedy, thanks to THESE boys. More sponsors headin’ our way!
So, WEEK 3 went off without a hitch. As you can see in the photos, well,… there’s not a lot to see, but that’s ’cause WE CAN’T SHOW IT! But, we CAN show the fun stuff and the people involved.

Press release went out this week from MINIUSA, thanks to MINIUSA dood, Andrew Cutler. See it here…

So, now we’re in for it, for sure. Products are gettin’ smacked on this MINI at lightning speed. Not only did we have the MINI coolness goin’ on, but my buddy Chuck brought in the World’s Coolest Hot Rod, ROD RIGUEZ! Yea, it’s a sick machine, yo. That’s my son, pretending he’s actually gonna drive it….not.

The SUPERMINI is like a whirling dervish of mod coolness, sitt’n there next to the World’s Fastest Street Mini, WIDOW. (See below as Jeff Stracco took it for a spin. His knees were quakin.’) But the SUPERMINI is now BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Well, at least behind THE RED CURTAIN, thanks to my son and my wife, Kathie. So, no lookies no more.

Check out the cool new HJC MOROSPORTS HELMETS! SCMM guru, George Marsh got an inside scoop at these new MINI TARGETED helmets. Thumbs up! See the BEHIND THE SCENES on MYRIDE.COM this October. And standing in unison is Tom Tran from INVIDIA EXHAUSTS, Dr. Fuh himself, Brian White (Now known as THE BIG HURT!) and Carlos from ARMAR BODYSHOP. Our unbelievable painter who’s gonna make this car OUTTA CONTROL!

Lighting is such an important element for interviews in film, and the boys at WAS PRODUCTIONS are experts. Check out the shot of the M600. So, hiccups aside, we enter into WEEK 4, countdown to the race and SEMA. Special thanks to all those that have gotten on board at STCMINI. Don’t miss the boat, uh… MINI. Be a part of history and see yourself travel the world!!

“Every great acheivement is born out of struggle.”  NAPOLEON HILL

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