Week 4 is wrapped,… and the strain is setting in. Tons still to do for the next 9 weeks. And we’ve taken on an extra battle, so it’s not going to be enough to just build the MINI. But we had some really cool things that happened this week.

1) FT preparing templates for the… ?

2) Bride of Fireball, Kathie, creating a mockup of the… ? CRAVENSPEED? Don’t they do MINI stuff? HECK YEA!!!!!!!! But now we’ve created something REALLY spicy…

3) An intense brainstorm session with the boys as they hover over the… ? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!!!?

4) Sponsor shoutout to BIOMETICS!  How else do you think we are keeping our energy up? Twinkies?

5) New owners of the FIREBALLED! LIMITED EDITION SHOCKWAVE #001!! Marion and Yvette. (If I spelled that wrong, Marion, then I owe you a Twinkie..) They bought the last LE for Series 1 on Wednesday from Amanda at South Bay MINI. If you don’t Marion, her company is EZ DAYS. Check it out at These guys are cool, and now they’re Fireballed Cool! Watch the tickets, Marion!!

6) What? Men in HJC Helmets? Why? What the heck fur? We’ll, Cars ain’t the only things we race here at Fireballed… But you’ll have to watch the show to see who wins, and who gets spanked…

7) Now here’s something. We absolutely CANNOT reveal this gentleman. He’s our SECRET WEAPON. So don’t ask. We WILL have to flog you. But in case you’re wondering, this man holds a BIG secret….

8) Andy Limon. The myth. The man. The Aerospace Engineer? He’s got some hidden tricks up his sleeve even HE won’t tell us. Something about a L.A.C. Living Aerodynamic Compounds. Nanotechnology, I suppose… “YOU WANNA PUT THAT WHERE???”

That’s it, folks. See ya!

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