Week 5 for STC was off to a rockin’ start.  As the components for the powerplant got manufactured, we decided to get it into paint asap. And that we did,… but first..

Mike Sullivan from MYRIDE paid us a visit to film a new series of episodes airing in a week or so. SEMA COUNTDOWN. As in, not that many days left before SEMA. This is where the STC MINI will debut, and Mike had to come up and remind us that the clock is tickin…’ THANKS A LOT, MIKE! (

Then, it was off to see our painter, Carlos, at ARMAR BODYWORKS. The master painter who’s handling,… well, the painting to be exact. And, as the place was guarded by really scary women, he did just that.

What color is the STC MINI going to be? I’m thinkin’ Prismatic Purple Metalflake with ghosted pink and yellow pokadots. Now THAT would be different. So,… wiped, masked and shot, it was. In all it’s purple glory. 😉

From out or Carlos’ camp came Robert, vinyl guy to the stars. (The car being the star, folks.) He and Carlos slipped, slapped and slopped the paint vinyl so that it could be masked properly. Now, since I’m a dope and can’t remember Robert’s company name, call Carlos if you want cool stuff done. 310 635 3991. Nice job, gents!

There I was, minding my own business when, ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz……… I fell aseep in the MINI and got MASKED IN!! SEE WHAT HAPPENS ON THE SHOW, AIRING OCTOBER 17TH!!!

Interviews went well, but Carlos was nowhere to be found. Grrrr… Think he painted himself onto the roof somehow. (I though it was a bit bumpy.) But all went well! NEXT WEEK,… MOTOR MAYHEM!!

And in case you want a MINI. Best thing to do is get one here at this quiet little website. And say hi to Jim McDowell while you’re there. He enjoys cookies, nights on the town in his Red MINI with Black roof and likes to sing karaoke during polka competitions at MINI HQ. He and Andrew Cutler have cleaned up on that competition the last 3 years. Go get ’em, boys!

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