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Whoa! Tons went on at Fireballed this week! Close to 25 people milled about during filming as the crew shot mods galore! (That would be Hubie and Brian ransacking the motor…)

1. Sound Dood, Ed, takes a break from the extremely painful job of “Mr.Boom.”

2. Special Guest, BIG BOY BELLAGIO came by to check out the build. You know Bellagio? Mr. “I’m the most famous dog on the planet!” And well, …HE IS! Bellagio’s been on The Today Show and a whole host of guest spots. He was even in the last ROCKY movie! I was humbled by his massive presence. And just in case you were wondering, he’s a NEOPOLITAN MASTIF and 175lbs! Big thanks to David and Chrissy for bringing him all the way from Philly!

3. Minis EVERYWHERE! Don’t want the STC car to get lonely, ya know.

4. Tall guy, VANKO, came by to hang. This dood is from Chicago, via Bulgaria, and has got MINIFEVER bigtime! Welcome, Vanko!

5. Is that a Pizza and Taco I smell next to Shockwave? Yes, Marion’s new LIMITED EDITION 001 payed us a visit to feature on the show. No, it’s not getting more mods. It’s fast enough!!!

6. BF Goodrich brings it on for STC!! Wrap that rubber ’round some Konigs and you’ll be likety…

7. Brian from APG ( came up to do some cool Mirror Caps for the STC Pursuit. Yea, they WILL be Fireballed! (Cool mirrors add at least 50hp!)

8. The boys from Xsell Media did a cool Fireball Install while the car was being built. A Beatles Theme. Shake it up, baby!

9. Summer and her new Vinyl. It’s hot! If you want to see it in person, come to the SCMM Breakfast in Malibu tomorrow morning! Coogies, 8am!

10. Lighting is a big deal, as always in TV and film. Can you tell that SHOCKWAVE is smiling? Yup.

Week 7 brings…, well, I can’t say. So, there….

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