Now that we’re half way, it’s getting more difficult to take some shots, as we can’t really show much. So, it becomes about the experience. And what an experience we had this week!

Andy and I headed out to Cinema Vehicle Services to pick up… uh, stuff. Major Cool Stuff for the car. The kind of stuff that will make this ride the most unique MINI that’s ever been done. We shot with the crew out there for half a day, hangin’ out with some of the neatest rides on the planet. A few of the things we saw was from films like Ghostbusters, Flintstones, Fast & Furious and Mystery Men. You’ll get to see all these cars when the show airs, beginning October 17th.

As we did that, the boys at Fireballed installed Seats, Steering Wheels and lots of cool stuff from MOMO.

Actually had VP Peter Boesen and (?) helped us install the Tires/Wheels on the car for fun. Peter is the GM for South Bay MINI and Mr ? is from MINIUSA corporate, so no photos were allowed. Who he is will have to be a secret for now…. But he actually came in, suit and all, to get down and dirty! That says somethin’ for MINI, eh… Thanks, Mr.?!!!!

As the day ended, we did our interviews at the Best MINI Dealership on the planet. Peter’s South Bay MINI in Torrance.  Who knew that guys in suits could be so good on camera? And they were awesome!

Oh, and did I mention that we had a visit from Superman? Well, at least Superman’s cool new car. My buddy, Dennis, rolled in to show off his Superman Hot Rod for the show’s background car. One of the nicest and most trick Hot Rods I’ve seen. Watch next week’s MYRIDE Sema Countdown for specs. It’s super cool. Thanks, Dennis!! (Look for Countdown to SEMA)

That’s it! What will Week 8 bring? Will Mr? be revealed? Will I ever not love Chocolate? Who knows… but stay Car Tooned!!!

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