Yes, the theme for this week was “The New Car.” As in, several new cars showed up at the shop and the FIREBALLED MINI USA PURSUIT was becoming one. Many key players this week came in to bring life and spirit to the STC Mini, and along with them came talent of extraordinary levels.

First off, Fireballed Sponsor VP RACING became a Series Sponsor. The absolute best high octane Race Fuel on the market today. We hoped they would send us a banner big enough to cover our freshly painted MINI components…. but, wups. There they are. Pink? Green? Mango Flavored? What color could it be? Welcome VP!

Retired FIREMAN, Ray Elliott, came by with his UNBELIEVABLE 1947 Fiat. 800hp and only 1600lbs!! This car is a low 9 second rocket! Ray is now a BIG Fireballed and MINI Fan and we appreciate him helpin’ out. THANKS, RAY!!

SoundDood, Ed, hangs out next to the 2007 Mini head. No, not modified just yet, but soon. Although, we think Ed is FULLY modified….

ELEANOR HAS LEFT THE BUILDING… Yes, our gorgeous girl has left us, humbled and wanting more. And MORE CAME! From FAST AND FURIOUS 3/ TOKYO DRIFT, this Nascar prepped Monte Carlo showed up at the shop, courtesy of CINEMA VEHICLE SERVICES. It’s a BAD BEAST! Come to the shop and see it for yourself!

Strollin’ on in for some SERIOUS PINSTRIPING came Jeff “STYLES.” You know Jeff? Pinstriper extraordinaire? Jeff has done our SEMINARBQ’s in the past and several Overhaulin’ episodes. Plus, been in just about every major Hot Rod Mag on the marble. What? Hot Rod Pinstriping on a MINI? Hmmm…. Can you say AQUA with a White Pearl Pinstripe? Actually,…………. that could be cool, eh?

Also, comin’ into the shop were the talents of Hot Rod Builder Mike Michalopoulos (My childhood friend) and Art Master Sean Clark (My Stepson). Mike and I have been causin’ car trouble since 1979. Designing, building, exploding. You know, normal kid stuff…. But to have Mike there to “finish” was a huge treat and I was humbled by his skills. UDAMAN, MIKEY! And Sean? Well, Sean was brought in to build some things that I can’t talk about. If I said a word, then I’d have to kill myself. …….. That really doesn’t make sense, but WHATEVER! Sean is an awesome 20 year old Artist, Designer and Builder. And, a pretty dang good musician, too. GREAT JOB, GUYS!

So, week 8 was an insane build week. And since HUBIE and BRIAN were no where in site, all I have to say is EUROTUNER GP EVENT. Come the 24th, The WIDOW will be racing in WILLOW SPRINGS. And it will have some new Fireballed components pushing it beyond the limits of reasonable power. Stay tooned and check out the SEMA updates on MYRIDE!

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