Ah, what cars to do next…

cover.jpgContemplation. Ah, yes. What to do next?

My Coloring Book, MINIROCKETS seems to be a hit, but now I have to follow it up. Curious what you guys think? Muscle Cars? Movie Cars? Tuners? Classics? They’re really fun to do and even more fun to color in,… even for adults. Since ADULTS seem to be the ones snaggin’ it. Yea, for their kids, they say. Right…I’m not buyin’ it…
Coloring Books are for EVERYONE! On a plane? Color a MINI. On the pot? Color a Muscle Car… But what is it about Coloring that get’s into people? Remember? Sittin’ with your friends as you color in Disney characters… Sittin’ by the TV with your brother, coloring in Underdog or Speed Racer. It was something to do, something fun. And it took you away…Maybe THAT was it. It took you away, even if just for a few minutes. Personally, I love to watch kids color. Hang out with them… and act stupid. You remember what THAT was like, right? Do YOU get to act stupid?

So, what to do? What cars should I do next? Tell me, ’cause I’m stuck.

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