Reality Check…

img_4909-copy.JPGMy dog is sick. Very sick. The dog food that killed thousands is now trying to do the same thing to mine. His name is Bandit and he’s a CockerPoo. A mini dog for a MINI car. He’s been having his tummy drained once a week, from 16lbs down to 11. 5lbs of fluid. But, in a case like this, our thoughts are what will save him…

Went to the vet, they said he’d only live 2 weeks or so. “Put him to sleep now.” …He’s been alive for over 10 now. Cost: $100 a session times 10.

Went to the Holistic Doc and they said he’s dying, gave him a shot of B12 and recommended Acupuncture. Cost: $250 Consultation plus the B12. 1 Visit. Ouch.

Then,… it hit me. Dr. Schultz. In the beginning, we changed his diet radically and started him on a Liver Detox and major herbal formulas. The same things we take and I haven’t been sick in 5 years. Expelling his toxins and getting it into our heads that we were “Making him Healthy.”

At Dr. Schultz: 3 people surrounded me with the best advice that money could never buy. Didn’t charge me a thing. Actually cared about my lil’ pup and showed me pix of theirs.

He’s the greatest dog that ever lived,… to me. Just like YOUR dog. Would you give up? Never. So great that Kathie and I are developing a whole Series of Books around him. So, as we build our MINI for the TV Show, my thoughts are with him. Not of concern, but of strong visualizations that his health is perfect. Creating a strong and healthy little dog to watch my show with and take to the beach for good sniffins. …And to eat healthy treats with…

Appreciate the good vibes from people who love cars,… and dogs.

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