Whew….! What a week…

So much stuff goin’ on that I feel my noggen temperature rising. (At least hotter that it is normally,… with all the flames and stuff…) BUT, let’s get into it!


BREAK IN!!!! That’s right. Came in around 6am to find that some hooligan threw a concrete chunk through our window! Bleah. Thought it might be our competition on STC, but after further investigation, found out that they were too busy working on THEIR cars to try and mess with US! So, as it stands, Mr. Hooligan got NADA! And us? We got a cool item for Mr. Flame to stand on…

And what’s up with the car? How about a MASSIVE INTERCOOLER being held by “The Big Hurt!” Yea, I know what you’re thinking. It’s kinda small for a MINI, but hey, we got a budget.

The boys from DEP came in to build the STC Pursuit Roll Cage. And that,… they did. Stronger than strong as we roll on over the Focus and EVO. Yea, you listen’ boys? I know you’re readin’ this and YOU know you want a MINI.  No worries. When this is all over, I’ll hook you up at the Dealer of all Dealers…

Gina, (AKA, Girl Friday) sits shocked at the STC schedule. SOMEONE CALL A MEDIC!!!

From the super cool POLLACK PR MARKETING GROUP, Lisa Townsend  came in to represent AL & EDS for the install of the super cool SONY stuff. Expect some excellent PR coming out of them for STC real soon. Yea, she’s cute, so watch your language, boys…

And speaking of cute, the STREET TUNER CHALLENGE GIRLS payed us a visit next to the shop for some seriously “hot” filming. This is for the Opener in episode one, but you’ll see them in EVERY episode. Someone get me a cold bucket of water!

BUT, not only did we get a visit from the girls, but the enemy showed up as well. Okay, so they aren’t really ALL bad. These are the guys from FOCUS SPORT and SKUNK2. Extremely excellent builders and will rock the socks off of the competi…. HEY WAIT A TICK!! THAT’S US!!!!!! Uh,… okay, back up a sec. They’re,… like pretty good and kinda cool dudes,…. that’s about all I have to say about that.

Oh, … and the winners of STC 1 & 2 were there as well. Hot stuff from ABDRACING. Yea, it’s a sweet ride, yo.

Classic Buddy, Ed, came in with the featured vehicle for interviews. A 1933 Buick. It was,… well, …. classy. Unlike me, but hey,… I’m spicy. THANKS, ED!!

And last, but certainly my favorite, GOSIA and ANDY flew all the way in from Chicago with their unbelievable…. well, actually, I can’t say what they brought. But these guys seriously got it goin’ on at MILLUSIONS. And now, they’re my friends. A true reward. Expect to see them in more of the show as we get closer to race day. And they’ll be at SEMA, so get your eyeballs ready for the best dang _______ on the planet!! And wy is Andy so in shock? Find out during the epsiode!!!
More MYRIDE coming in a few days. EPISODE 3!! But come to my profile and say “HI!”

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