Week 11. What the heck? Didn’t we just do Week 2?  Week 5? Would you believe…. Week 8 and Shoe Phone? (Okay, since THAT made no sense at all,… let’s get into the week.)

Photo 1 has Hot Rod Builder, Mike Michalopoulos cutting some interesting new pieces.  They fit on the jahooglewhack which is connected to the parthalmugolator. So, we get extra humplestooges in the fartometer. Or, something like that…. But his boys, Nick and Nate would be proud.

New Sponsor AL & ED’S AUTOSOUND of Torrance came in to install the SONY equipment. Ward and Tito are doing an awesome job, resulting in some major SOUND BARRIER BREAKAGE. Keep away… Al & Ed’s, now the Official Installer for Fireballed!

Featured vehicle this week was this sick convertible “S,” courtesy of Johnny’s Auto Clinic in San Pedro. Johnny is an official parts installer for us as well, and he’s the best. So, GET TO IT!

AHHH!!! SNEAK PEAK! The Monster cables going in the STC MONSTER MINI. Shhhh… Tito’s the man…

Johnny DiGirolamo and Dr. Fuh slice a pipe for some custom fits. It’s either that, or they’re making lunch…?

Recognize that box? Yes, STYLES is back to create some sick striping.  What’s he done? Okay, you think I’m gonna answer that? NO WAY, HOSER!!

Ward Brown from Al & Ed’s, hangin’ with the Fireball for interviews. Get a MINI, dial it in with sound, period.  Gotta love that smile, yo.

Carlos, from ARMAR BODYWORKS, drops in the goods, takes an interview and blows the joint. Serious painting skills for serious machines.

Styles, on screen. Man, this guy is got it goin’ on. STRIPE IT!!


In building this car, it’s become far more important than I ever imagined. Not something that is being built to just race and show. It stands for something. An image of creativity, concept, completion and love. And I dedicate it to my beautiful dog, Bandit, that I lost to cancer on Friday. His image will be on the car for the world to see.  To know, that love exists in this world. But, when you see this car, and see the photo of him on it, I want you to know that the smallest things can make the largest differences. And he made my life a better place to be in. I will forever miss him.

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