Well, just 8 days left before we reveal the “World’s Fastest TV MINI” to the Press on the STC Media Day Episode. Episode 1 airs this week on Wednesday and we’re having a slamfest party at South Bay MINI at 6pm. Hope you’ll join us! But with only 8 days, it seems like there’s still 10,000 things left to do. Actually, there 10,583 things left according to our list. But, it if there weren’t anything left, it wouldn’t be Street Tuner CHALLENGE.

So,… here’s the skinny for Week 12….

With all that’s going on, we got a personal visit from Officer Dave Crespin of the Torrance PD. Guess I overstepped my bounds last episode as he ended up taking me away…! But, even with a trip to the pokie, Officer Dave got a sneak peek of the car and reinforced our support of our charity program benefiting families of OUR NATION’S FIRST RESPONDERS. Cool.

Man, they’ve got good grub down at the Torrance slammer…

Andy Limon, my Engineer, got some Community Service for lending me a hand doing my dirty work. Got off easy, the rat!

Menawhile, the boys slammed together the motor. It’s in, and lookin’ like trouble. BIG TROUBLE for our competition.

Sony doodads gettin’ ready for install. Yea, gotta have the tunes, eh?

Tito, from AL & ED’S of Torrance has a secret. And he ain’t tellin’ until it’s time. But you should pay him a visit on Hawthorne Blvd and see if he’ll break some of the news to ya. Good luck… not.

Brian, aka The Big Hurt, and the Motor. ‘Nuf said.

Who’s that? Why, it’s the best pinstriper on the planet back for more. STYLES painted up a storm to make this MAXXED OUT MINI look like the ultimate beast.

What the heck is Andy doing? THAT’S NOT A MINI!!!! Or, is it?

NOT AGAIN??!!! What’s he up to? Shhh, it’s  SECRET to be revealed THIS WEDNESDAY if you’re lucky enough!!!! COME TO THE PARTY!!

Shelby owner, Joe Risk, lent us his awesome ride for the interviews. Sweet ride, Joe. Thanks for comin’ by and lending us a legend!

Dr. Fuh gets interviewed by MYRIDE for the SEMA Countdown Episode 4. Have you seen #3 yet?

..and WHAT? uh, oh. SECRET REVEALED!!!! What’s that cool thing on the A-Pillar???

T-Minus 8 days folks. Wish us luck…

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