SEMA Day 3! The Wrap Up…

Day 3 of the SEMA SHOW was super dooper cool. More rides were revealed in the furthest corners of the halls, along with some rather shall we say, REALLY BAD CARS. We now have a segment on MyRide called “That Ain’t Right,” so check it out. Seriously bad vehicles and some bad hairdoos. BUT, all in all, there was coolness all around.

From Hot Rod Lawnmowers and 600hp Quads to SuperBikes and even a Pimped Mercedes C111, (Looked like poo)  even the Hankook Tire Girls and Gosia from Millusions were enjoying the show. But the BOOGER AWARD goes to the guys that built, well, the absolute worst car in the show. THEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A SIGN! CamermanDan shows it off best here. It was awesomely BAD.

What will next year bring? CARS of course, you silly! For all the SEMA Vid Coverage, scan MyRide. (Sorry if I made a fool of myself, but hey, it’s what I do!)

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