Cheers to the little guy…

It’s not that I love small cars. It’s not that I like the fact that small cars dart and weave like go-karts. It’s not that I don’t have to carry a lot of crap. It’s that small cars are always considered the underdog.

I grew up as an underdog. Freckles. Glasses. Target on my chest. Getting picked on and cornered was a daily grind. Something about being different was what scared people. THEY wanted to be different too, but somehow, they were just them. The fact was, we were ALL different. Some accepted what they were earlier than others, some never got it. But, if you were different, you got hassled. So, … I took karate.

It made me feel better. Stronger. More confident. And trust me, with MY face, I needed all the help I could get. But being small stayed with me. To this day. I’m, say, 5’9″ or so. Medium frame. Freckles, glasses, modified target saying “Take your best shot and see what happens.” Not that I’m a badass or anything, in fact, I’m just the opposite. I learned to fight so I wouldn’t have to.

Small. It’s cool. But, seeing as how much I love cars… ANY cars, being small and powerful is a state of mind. Packs a large punch. Like a Habanero. A WaterBug in your pool.. ouch! A rubberband snapped to the inside of your armpit. Or,… a 500hp MINI. Or ANY small car for that matter.

Being small is where large things come from. Appreciate it. Even an Oak Tree was a seed.

Revel in your smallness. Even if you’re tall, YOUR seed was tiny, too.

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