Unlike regular days at major auto shows, Press Days are filled with a kind of insane manicness that can only be described as… well, kind of… well, an insane manicness, I guess.  Journalists are clambering to see the next BIG DEAL. And heaven help you if you’re in the way!
For me, it was a day filled with real excitement and unexpected reveals. Started out the morning, I interviewed GM CEO Bob Lutz. Bob’s trying to capture more of the sport compact market and the guys from Meguiars thought I could help. So, a film crew came out from Michigan and filmed me talking to Bob. It was chill. And to my surprise, Bob was not only receptive to new ideas, but acknowledged that GM has a long way to go. The feeling was that he was on the right track, though. Good on ya, Bobby!

The day was also the big launch of the MINI CLUBMAN. Now, I tried to sneak a peek under the ClubCurtain, but Vice Prez, Jim McDowell caught me! And if there was a pokie around, I surely would have been headed that way. But, Jim was too busy with excitement as the Clubman rolled out backwards. Cool. His speech was extremely passionate. He said it was rehearsed, but I DON’T BELIEVE YOU, JIM!

Now, you know how much I dig MINIS. But, now that I’ve seen The Clubman in the flesh, and watched Jim open the back doors 23 times, I REALLY want to rock this car. There’s a kind of relaxed coolness about it. Take it for a spin, have a picnic with your honey and doggie and on the way back, scare the crap out of her on the curves! ‘CAUSE IT’S A ROCKET! ‘Course, you might get some serious dog slobber on the windows if you do that. Just a heads up. (Car is coming to South Bay MINI mid February!)

From Movie Cars, the Nissan GTR and cool concepts, the day was a big hit for all.

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