Here we go again…

Woke to a banging at the door by my neighbor. We call her the “Plant Ninja,” as she’s been seen picking weeds at 2am. Weird. Anyway, she’s screaming “FIRE! FIRE!” Instantly, my turbo spools and I’m vertical, racing down the stairs to the sound of Fire Engines and an entourage of God knows what slipstreaming past my house. 6:30am.

It’s now 9:19am and the Engines haven’t stopped. The fire is 3 miles north now and burning furiously, but heading north. Away from us. My friend, Steve has a house that’s right there. I fear it’s gone now. He’s in Bug Sur, camping, with no way to reach him.

Went up into to town to see if there was any way to help, but all we found was that the Starbucks were full. Campers, people, kids… all with nothing to do but wait.

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