Yea, my life is weird…

Up at 5. Coffee. Meditation. Plunk down in front of my Apple, …that’s a computer- not a fruit. And the day begins. Calls. Emails. Paper shifting. If it’s a shop day, I’m out the door at 6:30. If it’s a day of creating new things, I stay put and… well, create I guess.

Last week was a challenge. Finish a build…, no wait. Finish two builds. A MINI and a LOBSTER. Yes, as in crustacion. (Spelled wrong, I know. There’s more important things than not insulting a Lobster.) Anyway, as you may know, my wife builds weird things for movies and commercials. Sports Teams, too. She’s the best. No, she’s actually rather strangely gifted. So, a gentleman from Discovery Channel called and wanted a Lobster for a new spot. And voila! Kathie slapped one together. (She’d get mad if I put it that way to her, ’cause it was actually very difficult) BUT, on she went for the entire week building this sea creature.

Life, like so many things, is a challenge. Will you rise up for it, or set it aside for another time.  We thrive on achieving more because we are human beans. And as Beans, we can get overcooked if we don’t watch out. And what to Beans have to do with what I’m talking about? Nothing, actually. I just like Mexican food and wanted to figure out what I was having for lunch today…

RISE UP! meet your challenge for today.  Don’t waste time doing things that don’t lift you. If you must do something simple, do it with everything you’ve got. Be in the present and you’ll grow. Like a bean.

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