My Christmas Wish…

To all this Christmas,

It is with humble thanks that I send you this Christmas Wish. I know most of you have little time to read another story this season, but hopefully, it will leave you with a new sense of restored faith and passion for the New Year.

It is Christmas of 2007 and my mother, Nancy, is entering her 76th year. Young by some standards, but old and tremendously wise in spirit. She, in a word, represents the holidays in a way that justifies more than words. But my limited mind can only express my love for her in this way.

A woman of unending passion and grace, having raised five of us after a very challenged and violent upbringing, only to lose one of us 10 years ago. But her spirit still prevails. A career that spanned generations of television writing with my father, Tony, only to be crushed by the influx of younger, “more talented” writers. But her spirit still prevails. And now, a bout with a crippling mind disease leaving her with scattered memories and a lack of understand who I am, yet, this Christmas, she prevails into year 76.

My message here this Holiday Season is simple. We think we know what true strength is. We think we know what Passion and Persistence will bring. We think that small things like traffic and money are worth the irritation…. When the truth and reality is, that our lives here are worth more than we realize. And those around us are worth more than we will ever know.

My Wish for you all this Christmas is to cherish those you love and treat all with unexpected kindness. It starts in the mind, but spreads to the heart, our soul and the world. And since that is where we all are, let our world be filled with joy and love for more than just the holidays. Let it be filled forever.

Thanks and blessings to all my friends, …and to all who do things Passionately.

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