Happy New Year!

Wow, 2008. I always thought that that was the future. And WHAM! Here we are. And despite the future staring me in the face, there’s no Captain Kirk, no whirring Jetsons bubblemobiles and no Deckard racing around shooting at Replicants. (Although Blade Runner is supposed to be 2017, so there’s still time.)

All in all, the future is pretty bright. And I am very thankful for being. Despite the hardships of life, it’s of the utmost importance to stay focused on the positive.  Yea, I know, life is not all chocolate cherries, but for the most part, you have to admit that life is pretty damn cool. Friends, family, movies, chocolate and cars. We all have that.

So, let us all enter 2008 with a smile if we can. And work together to bring abundance in all ways. I’m raising my cup of hot cocoa to you all. Cheers,… AND LET’S KICK SOME SERIOUS 2008 BUTT!!!

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