CES (Consumer Electronics Expo) The Post…

CES 2008. The World’s Largest Trade Show. 160,000 people, all selling things with screens in them. If I saw one more screen, I was gonna pop a corpussel. (Is that how you spell corpussle?) Probably not, but I’d still pop one.

Walking was the name of the game for Fireballed COO Howard and I. Like SEMA, only 3 times bigger. …And with screens. But boy, did we have fun! Tons of cool products that made NO SENSE AT ALL, cool cars, gorgeous women,… and screens. Loosely, from top to bottom reveals Spiderman and a Transformer walking the show. Spidey was wearing cool Spidey shoes with Dr. Shoals. Transformer dude just went around squashing screens.

Awesome paint schemes abounded the show, but cars were hard to find behind all the… screens, so we scoured looking. ARMCHAIRTANKMAN rolled about for no apparent reason other than to look at screens and the women, but I’d have to say, if I had a lazy boy like that, I’d be hard pressed to ever get up.

MY chair was at the race gaming section. COULDN’T PRY ME AWAY! Radical fun race game that Howard says will be coming to the Studio Shop. Cut to, HOW MUCH IS THAT THING?!!! Onward…

Lots of cool music doodads, including this oblong thingamajig that plays all kinds of hooliwatts. And,… it’s chrome. Cool.

Just like Howard to find the “World’s Largest HD Camcorder.” And it works, too! He had a bit of trouble getting it into his car, though.

Several MINIS showed up. Lottsa ice in them, and screens. But the exteriors really needed to be Fireballed. Workin’ on that one. But the sound was cool.

Incredible paint on this Charger. Hand done airbrush.

All in all, the show rocked, but I was aloof at some of the products that seemed, shall we say, dumb. And we walked for two days. Approximately 52 miles. Okay, small exxaggeration,… only 32 miles. …We’ll spend the next 2 weeks going through the 500 business cards.

Oh, and the women were nice, too. On a scale from BORING to FIREBALLED, I give it a SMOLDER LICK.

Stay tuned… SCMM Santa Anita Party!

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