Mini Maniacs take over SANTA ANITA…

I do a lot of events. I mean, close to 70 a year. But this one I always look forward to because THESE are my homies. Southern California MINI Maniacs.

Standing at a podium and acting stupid is an art. And since I’m the King of Stupid, they keep calling me back to MC a group of 200 crazed MINI enthusiasts. And boy, do we have fun.  It all takes place at the SANTA ANITA RACETRACK in …where else.. Santa Anita, CA. Great food, great raffle prizes and bettin’ on horses. And since I bet last year and won $5, I thought I’d just revel in the fact that I’m still a winner and just do the MC thing. Even my Dad, Fireball Pops, was there.

Lots of people won cool swag, but some won Canon Cameras and Garmin GPS doodads.

So, if you have a MINI, want a MINI, dream of having a MINI, or just have nothing to do, …then, get into a club. A chance to be with people and have fun.

Special thanks to all the MINI Dealers that participated, President Lex and George Marsh for the cool pix.

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