Designing is like…

Interesting morning.

Since DESIGN is my thing, and I love to do it, it doesn’t matter what I design. Which is why I try to do all kinds of cool things. Cool stuff coming from MILLUSIONS, APG, CAR TATTS, NUTS TOKYO WATCHES, RIDEMAKERZ, BIOMETICS, MYRIDE and more. Hmm, there must be a car in there somewhere.

But designing for film is like that. One minute, you’re doing a vehicle, the next it’s a pocket watch or sock. WHATEVER! Building a brand is much like building a car. Many times you’re trying to stick a hoolawag into a fahurglesnot. And you don’t even know where you pimpleporch is!! But, if you’re persistent, then it ALWAYS works out. So, keep moving towards your goal.

Oh, and check out the fantastic book. PSYCHO PICTOGRAPHY.

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