Stress leads to STRENGTH…


Building a car, doing a good job or dealing with sour people all leads to certain stresses. But once again, it’s your perspective on that stress that determines you outcome. E+R=O. Event plus your Reaction determines your Outcome. Therefore, nothing can touch you.

So, this from my friend Eric…

“This reminds me of an orthopaedic principle. Called Wolf’s Law:

Bone response to stress, the more stress on a segment of bone, the stronger it becomes. Tree trunks are a good example. Trees on the sides of mountains, protected from storms and stress, usually have nice straight trunks. Look good, but can’t withstand much stress before failure. Trees at the tops of mountains are bent, deformed, but have major trunk diameters and branch diameters and can handle any storm that comes along.

Fortunately, humans are the same way. If we handle stress and respond to it by becoming stronger and “increase our mental tree trunk diameter,” the next storm is not much different than the other storms we’ve seen it before. We can handle it and we get through it.

So, increase your trunk diameter and this will pass like anything else. There will be something positive out of this, or in time it won’t seem like much of a problem.”

EJ, the Bone Philosopher!


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