Hey, I got an idea…


I have to say, my job is really fun. Coming up with new ideas can be rewarding and challenging. And, it happens whether I like it or not! It’s like my brain is constantly searching for new things to do on its own.

So, I either have to fight it, or go along for the ride. And going along for the ride is a lot more fun. It brings opportunity, excitement, adventure and challenge. And the month of March is no different. The image above is something completely new and embodies another passion of mine. The Martial Arts.

Turning your passions into reality. That is the goal of life. If you could do all week long what you do on the weekend, what would it be? And how could you make money at it? THERE IS A WAY! All you have to do is believe it. And don’t forget to express gratiude for what you currently have…

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