This past week, the boys of MyRide and I headed to San Francisco to shoot two new episodes of “WORLD OF CARS.” And boy, was this a crazy week…


The Club. Not just any club, but CLUB SPORTIVA. An extremely well run dream generating auto enthusiast club, catering to those wishing to drive the ULTIMATE EXOTIC! And thanks to head honcho, Torbin Fuller, that’s exactly what you get.

I’m saving the details for the upcoming episode, but let me just tell you that getting involved with these guys will light your fire!

…We started off the day driving the Bentley Continental GT, then on to the Ferrari F430 and finally to the Lamborghini Gallardo. SICK!!! It was like riding a 50 foot wave,…..FOR 6 HOURS STRAIGHT!!

Then, it was onto Lombard Street to run the “Crookedest Street on the Planet.” Or is it? (What’s the picture above?) Only time and the episode will tell. Coming in just a couple of weeks, folks!

But, if you’re ever in San Francisco, and you love cars, then CLUB SPORTIVA should be your first stop! Big thanks to all the boys there that helped us out! Especially, Torbin. An incredibly humble and passionate car guy, doing it all for the right reasons…

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