Tuner Challenged in VEGAS!



So. You have a speedy car and you want the crowds to see it. What do you do? We’ll, how’s about Freemont Street in VEGAS!

Yup. Thanks to the crew of the hit ESPN2 show “METRIC REVOLUTION,” we were smack dab in the middle of close to 20,000 people over Friday and Saturday. Now, the photos were taken early, (if they were taken later, you wouldn’t be able to see the car!) It was a zoo!

The crew was awesome, but unfortunately I can’t remember everyone’s name due to my flaming brain as it tried to keep hands from scratching the car. But Producer Danielle, Coordinator Michelle and Creative Director Bo were on hand to make things go smooth. And that they did.  And the host and hostess were a blast with great questions!

The first Season of MR was excellent, so this is the opener to Season 2. And this time, it’s bikes AND cars. I can’t reveal details of what the plan is, but it’s way cool.

Big thanks to the MR Crew for doing such a Pro job!

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