MINI spotting…


This, from my buddy Larry Champlain in New Jersey. Passion……in motoring. Cool.

“Prior to my 2007, I had a 2004 Mini as well.  I had always admired the
style, the reliability and SPEED.  When I had purchased my 2007 Mini Cooper,
my best friend had purchased one as well.  At that point it was a fun
competitive game for the both of us as to who would do what to their car
first.  We were both in touch with the most current updates and
modifications.  We both researched performance and style modifications.
Pretty soon, we were changing seats, upgrading motor parts, JCW, decals, and
much more.  My goal at that point was to get the “Best Mini”  I had  In the summer of 2007, my Mini was voted the “Best
Mini” at one of the rallies I had attended.  I felt a huge accomplishment in
making it the best performing and looking vehicle in the Mini World.  My car
sounds great, looks great and drives great.  I receive quite a few
compliments and stares as I drive by.  I am proud to be a Mini owner and
show it!”

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