Fireball Weekend ROLLERCOASTER…




Yea, a lot can happen in a weekend. Screech, Boom, Bam! And like most weekends in the California sun, it has to do with cars. Well, …bikes too.

At any given time, you can get reminded of what’s important. A chance to reflect about what’s working in your life and what isn’t. It may happen at a Car Show, it may happen when you walk down the street. But one thing’s for sure. It happens.

The Village Coffee Roaster Show happens every Sunday. Calabasas, California. Yea, a funny name, but an off the chart show. Daimlers, Mustangs, CanAms. Yea, the typical stuff you see just toodlin’ around the streets, right? Hm.

Then, you come home and see a Harley, having been broadsided by a POS. No, they weren’t seriously hurt. Just their egos.  Makes you think. Better do what I’m gonna do NOW. And not wait.

But, a celebration, too. I’ll now be working heavily with CINEMA VEHICLES. On a new TV Show. What is it? You’ll have to subscribe to the blog to find out… But, to give you a hint… it’s black.  And scaweeeeee…….

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