RCX hits with FULL FORCE…



2 days! Insane crowds and crazed RC and car, plane and bike fans! With thanks to CINEMA VEHICLES for bringin’ in the my STREET TUNER CHALLENGE MINI and FLINTSTONES MOBILE, (Chris and Mike!) we met all kinds of great people including passionate families and kids like Evan Medina. Hung out with John Schultz and the boys from HPI RACING, SuperSuperModel MARY RILEY, The Kyosho Girl and hundreds of others. Whoa!

People spent the day racing cool RC Cars, Tanks, Planes, Rockets and had a great time.  The STC MINI was a big hit, thousands having seen the show which is currently airing on SPEED for the fourth time!! Whoa2!

It’s a humbling experience to see the passion embodied by all these people. All positive, hanging with their kids and friends and spreading the enthusiasm. Appreciation goes out to Show Promoter, Warren Lucas for doing such a great job and my thanks and gratitude goes out to all who paid me a visit!!

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