It’s with great pride and sincere excitement that I announce that my wife has received her first Black Belt. After 15 years of training under several different masters, schools that closed and re-opened, hardships and turmoil, Kathie tested under Grandmaster Billy Blanks for her Black belt in TAE BO KWON.

Billy is known for his TAE BO products, but is also a World Champion Fighter and has had Martial Arts schools for many years. It was Kathie’s goal to improve her health and raise her confidence. And now she has and become a teacher, like me.

What’s important about this journey is that it really began 5 years ago. Kathie woke up in the middle of the night, not being able to sleep. Went downstairs, turned on the tube and saw an infomercial for the Tae Bo tapes. She bought them and began a domino effect. Tapes led to the discovery that his World Training Center was in LA. She began going, only to discover that he had a Martial Arts School there. She began that as a white belt, although she’d achieved a Green belt in my style of TANG SOO DO.

Her dedication to health and well being led her to a goal that not many complete. Point is… Take the fist step and the next will be revealed.  You never know that that one act can change your life forever. One simple thing, done the absolute best it can be done, can move mountains if you let it grow. Follow your insights, as they always, ALWAYS, come from a higher source…

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