Ten Things I Love about SUMMER…


Actually, it could be a hundred things, but here’s just the way cool ones…

1) BIG movies. Shows that inspire a new creative action, laser pointed anticipation and take you away to other worlds.

2) Empowered Health. Something about the weather just gets your juices flowing. Whatever it is that you do, you just gotta be with friends, get outside and have fun. But being healthy to do that is important, so now’s your time to GET FIT.

3) Attitudes. Everyone just seems a wee bit happier to be alive and share things. Stories, ideas, coffee… I like to try new things like tennis and golf. And since I’m the world’s worst golfer, I can only go up.

4) Internals. All my electronic devices seem to work just a bit better. Why? …have no idea, but maybe it’s because my attitude and thoughts are better. (Refer to #3). I work on a Mac, talk on a Samsung, listen to an iPod, watch and take pix on a Sony and drive a MINI. Done deal.

5) Travel. Now, travel is good any time of the year, but Summer just has the added advantage of great travel or great travel plans. And that’s exactly what I do. Going to Houston with MyRide in May, Mini Takes The States in June, July and August and testing my wife for her Green Belt in Tang Soo Do in Kauai in October. PLAN, BELIEVE, ACT, CONCEIVE. If you don’t “SEE” it, it won’t happen.

6) It’s WARM. And THAT’S a good thing.

7) We all get to go to the beach. Now, if you live in Kansas, that’s a tough one. BUT, refer to #5. AND GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GO!!

8) Less Clothes. And less clothes is ALWAYS a good thing. 😉
9) Longer Days. Yes, that means dinners on the beach with the sun setting after 8. And that is something to be grateful for, folks!
10) Refer to #1. It’s really cool, so it warrants a double smacker…

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