Giving good info helps to CONTRIBUTE…


So, there I was. Minding my own business when I get an email from ModernMINI Magazine Editor, “UK Phil.” And he says, in his amazingly BritishWeb accent, “Hey, you wanna write for us?” And I say, in my amazingly calm and relaxed American accent, “ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!”

So, beginning in July, moi will be a contributing writer for ModernMINI, the absolute best new MINI mag there is. Although it’s out of the UK, the info, photos and quality of the mag is nothing but top notch. Better than anything out there. I’ll be telling them all about how cool is is to be driving American roads in a Crumpet Rocket, how MINIS are used in movies and stories about YOU. So let me know what’s goin’ on and I’ll let them know. You never know, you know?

PR coming soon, so get in that lil’ ride of yours and make it happen…

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