Use your love of cars to spread LOVE…


The other day, I was driving through the Malibu Canyon tunnel when I saw/heard a blowout. Two cars ahead, a pickup truck’s front tire blew and the guy slowly made his way out of the tunnel and to the side of the road. We all slowed and past him… and suddenly I was hit with a sense of “being left behind.”

I pulled off, turned around and went back. As I pulled over to the other side, across from him, I watched as the man got out, checked his tire and shook his head in disappointment. As I watched, many many cars past him. Almost as if he wasn’t even there. Now, normally, that would be me. But this time, I had this feeling of why?

We all go through difficult times and difficult things. Seemingly alone most of the time. In my car, I sat as I watched. Not being able to make a u-turn to him, I screamed “You gotta a cell phone?” He looked up at me and screamed back… “Gonna call AAA!!” But, it wasn’t what he said, but the look on his face. It was a strange combination of surprise and appreciation. Like, “What the heck is happening? Someone is helping me?”

He gave me a thumbs up, so I finally made a u-turn and headed away. But as I looked back, he still had that look. The kind of look that sinks in deep. Now, I don’t say this to toot my own horn because I didn’t really help the guy. But I did learn something. And that is that we drive, drive, drive. And we love our cars. Why not keep an eye out for each other as well. If someone needs help, get out and help them. A phone call, a push, a thumbs up. It doesn’t matter. It’s the right thing, in the right way. No meeting is too important to leave people behind and in jeopardy. But that doesn’t mean pick up strangers. I’m talking about “real” help.” Look beyond yourself and you’ll receive the greatest gift on the planet. Love.

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