Fulfilled FRIDAY…


Yea, it’s the last day and I’m done. I think. Guess it depends on how you look at it. Started the day having a photo-shoot at Cinemavehicles for a Korean Magazine. Can’t wait for that to come out, only I’ll need someone who reads Korean to help to read it. Doh. DJ, the photographer and writer took shots of just about everything. From the ECTO1 to the STC MINI to Knight Rider to the “graveyard.” Yes, the graveyard is where all the cars go to die. Only they don’t die, they live on as destroyed cars in film.
Then, on to my Corporate offices for lunch to meet with my partners. Discuss some upcoming cool things including a MyRide explosion coming. Shhhh… That went on for three and a half hours. Thank God Kathie made me some Fireball Fuel this morning. I was on a high all day. I wonder if I can make that into healthy chocolate?

Now, I said that that was the end… Maybe not, as the weekend is here and it’s off the Bimmerfest in Santa Barbara tomorrow and a Baby Birthday on Sunday. A 1 year old. What do you buy a 1 year old since they can’t drive yet?

…I know. Wee driving gloves. Keeps their hands clean as they chow gooey things. OFF TO TARGET!

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